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View Full Version : I am running for gubernatorial candidate!

2003-12-29, 19:04
move along nothing to see here folks!

2003-12-29, 22:12
Originally posted by harby
i do remember being more intent on that game than i was interested in this friend...it's shameful to me now and makes me feel badly i was this way and treated him so uncaringly and thoughtlessly.
Slap him around like the bitch that he is. Show him who's boss. Beat him with a bible and fuck him in the ass to show him the love of God.

2003-12-29, 23:48
i think that would show him man's inhumanity to man...rather than the love of God...love of God?

leave it at that.


2003-12-30, 03:01
When I was nine years old I went away in New York State in the woods for a week with a Christian group. They were running a camp there and my parents had me sent there. We used to have to pray before each meal. I still remember the song:

"here we sit like birds in the wilderness
birds in the wilderness
birds in the wilderness
here we sit like birds in the wilderness
waiting for our food

waiting for our food
waiting for our food
here we sit like birds in the wilderness
waiting for our food"

I thought it was a good way to teach the importance of Christ to children. To throw them in front of the food and then let them hungrily sing praise. That's the whole point of giving thanks before a meal. It is a type of threatening that you will starve if you fuck with the Jesus.

No one in my family was into those rituals of saying grace before eating, or going to church on Sunday. I grew up in an atheist household. But my mother had some admiration of religion that she thought to entrust me with a religious group for a week. I myself wouldn't do such a thing for my children.

So at this religious camp I attended, we went riding on the Delaware river in inner tubes, for a few miles. At that point the river is small and around five feet deep. The Delaware river goes south on the western edge of New Jersey, and ends up in Delaware bay. During the trip it met another branch and then it got twice as big and colder.

There was one girl who instead of riding on top of the inner tube had her body in the water, and she was cold. She was going slowly too because of that, and she was shivering in the rear. I was near her and I asked her if she was okay, and she said that she was. I knew she was cold though, but I didn't care. I got a type of pleasure knowing that she was suffering, because I didn't like her. She was a snotty bitch.

Later on in life I had regretted the incident, but in retrospect I now think she got what she deserved for being rotten. I regret some things in life, in which my cruelty and weakness got the better of me. Regrets build character. But for this incident on the river, I do not regret it now.

So the moral of the story is that I am now at the point in life where I enjoy when bad things happen to bad people. When news of the death of my enemies occurs, it is good news to me.