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View Full Version : good link site

2004-01-06, 04:15
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-01-07, 14:43
few nice links there
cheers :)

2004-03-13, 04:58
i would like to create a site where i can put up some photographs i have taken, does anyone recomend any particular host? i do searches but majority of the sites i try are crap

maybe something with a decent amount of host space and a html editor thingie? :coward:

any suggestions anybody?:coward:

2004-03-13, 12:22
ive learnt all i know from there
im looking for a good aussie based host if anyone knows any good links throw em my way

hehehe PUSSY
trust u man

2004-03-13, 14:38
wow guys thank u so much. I wil go through these tomorrow when i get home from work, coz it be past midnight here and i just recently go home from work... err... work work work :coward:

maybe i will post some photos and u guys can tell me if they are 'site worthy' :D

2004-03-13, 15:01
that all depends on what kind of site
i dont think theres a question of worthyness :p
dont listen to me by the way
far too drunk for my own let alone anybody elses good

2004-03-14, 04:59
Originally posted by wishful thinking
*Please Note* only drawback of having eclectica host ur files...he has complete access to all ya files..so don't upload pics of your PUSSY to his site

I won't peek ;)

2004-03-14, 10:37
all my files will be accessable publicaly anyway :eatout:

hey, if i put up a picture of myself with a bit of nipple showing, does that mean i am officially an internet porn girl? :D :beer: :beer: \

damn the nipple, so innocent and neccessary yet so censored and kinky :P :beer:

2004-03-15, 01:20
nipple thats going so far over the top
damn just kidding
im going to have to NOT go to wherever they get put
im like a beast let out of a cage at times....

2004-03-15, 15:14
its like eating a lobster
the outside is very nice looking and u get ur hands dirty
getting to the inside is like a bliss unknown to my limited description
ja verrückt mofo :confused:

2004-03-15, 21:00
Originally posted by wishful thinking
I've never eaten lobster before..i'm not fond of eating at the Y and i detest when they're serving crabs there.

I live in Downeast Maine where life here only exists because of the fishing industry. Such fish such as the lobster. The lobster that comes from our waters is known world-wide and has the reputation of greatness. It's a Downeast, and all together Maine custom, to enjoy seafood such as Lobster because so many are raised off whatever their father went out and caught for the day (that plus what they managed to sell).

I have roots from the Jonesport area where the only industry is the fishing industry. Just about every member of my family that comes from there is a Lobsterman. At all the family gatherings they all have lobster (with plenty of butter ready)....

I'm the only person in my family that doesn't like lobster (or any seafood for that matter). I've even asked several members of my family if I had been adopted or not (even though I look just like my parents). I don't know what it is exactly, but I just don't like it.

2004-03-15, 23:51
I never liked lobster, crab squid, or any of those odd marine animals. They are like insects.

2004-03-16, 02:09
hey beej, i used to hate seafood when i was younger... i couldn't understand why people paid top dollar for gross mucus objects in shells or little prawn creatures with antenas.. pulling their heads off and each little scrawny leg, just to have a bite sized piece of 'meat', but as i got older i reeaaaaaaalllly started to like it.... i get prawn cravings now and i drool when i see squid and octopus...

but i think coz u grew up amongst the stuff, u were over exposed to the odd world of seafood that u just didn't find it appealing. I grew up on eastern european food, and to this day i hate schnitzels, goulash and mashed potatos... ugh :coward: i moved towards food that was unheard of in our household... like sushi and italian pastas, greek style lambs and yoghurt sauces etc

i do however love eastern european sweets tho :P

2004-03-16, 03:31
u know as i was growing i went through a phase where i wanted to be anything that i wasn't... first i wanted to be native american... then i used to dream of being tribal african... then i went through a buddhist and hindi phase and only after that did i settle down to being happy with being eastern european and just admiring other cultures. That is why till this day u go into my room and it is full of large bronze buddhist and hindi statues of godesses and buddhas, i have native american wall hangings and about a zillion dream catchers on all my windows... i LOVE wearing my african jewellry and listening to african music and pretty much why i felt confident with wearing bindis even tho it wasnt' part of my religion lol. it's funny to look back on the times when i hated being eastern european to the extent that i 'australianised' my name to "katy" instead of using Katarina.

Changing ones name is what alot of ppl do... my mother changed hers from Zuzana to "sue" so that australians could pronounce and remember it... my father changed his from "Imrich" to "Jim" .... Jaroslav suddenly becomes "jerry" etc etc etc:eatout:

2004-03-16, 03:35
Originally posted by wishful thinking
our own ftp space (http://www.p2pjihad.org/harby/)

here is my space provided by eclectica (http://www.p2pjihad.org/harby/)

more information (http://3-3-3.org/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=314)
i'm unable to access those sites thru my browser.....are the links dead?

2004-03-16, 03:36
the last link works, the other two only harby has access to

2004-03-18, 13:49
nein harby
right = Recht
wrong = Unrecht
correct = korrekt
i dont know where u get ur translation right
ur right u dont speak swede
though neither do i
es ist deutsch! :P

the only seafood i like is lobsters, crabs, prawns and fish
oh and balmain bugs
just close ur eyes thats all
they look horiud but not like mucus-in-a-shell mussels oysters n such things

2004-03-20, 12:55
i make them everytime i open my mouth
so i know what ya mean
everyone does
verrückt means crazy by the way :p