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View Full Version : Labels Sued Over Copyright Protection!!!

2004-01-06, 19:08
Labels Sued Over Copyright Protection
A consumer watchdog in Europe is suing major record labels over copyright protection, which prevents the CD's being played in car radios and computers. The watchdog is based in Europe and announced the suit yesterday.
The suit is being named the biggest action yet against the music industry's attempts to clamp down on digital piracy. Named in the suit are EMI, Universal Music, BMG and Sony. Warner Music has not been named.
The suit is calling for copyright protection to be removed from discs and for the labels to compensate their customers. "We are trying to establish legal precedent in this matter. Then we expect other consumer organizations will follow."

now this is -
1.very funny (considering the time taken and money spent to implement it)
2.good for me
3.good for you

i knew from the start we would win
the ball is rolling
now lets gathers arms and rush those........
a little carried away

2004-01-06, 21:12
The rights of fair usage allow people to make backup copies of their CDs in the United States, so when they create those copy-protected CDs, those rights are violated. I don't know about the laws in Belgium, but here in the United States, there is a contradiction in the laws. If you try to break the copy protection, that is illegal under the DMCA 1998. Yet in order to assert your fair usage rights, you would have to break the copy protection.

It goes to show you what side the the legislators are on, that they've passed laws protecting the companies, but have not passed laws protecting the consumers. Hopefully there will be some justice found in the courts, though the process takes a long time that way.

2004-01-07, 14:41
they think they have the power
maybe so for now but its shifting
and if we really wanted we could REALLY! jihad :)

and what do ya think about this pic
lmao good one i think