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View Full Version : backstock?

2004-01-19, 06:41
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-01-19, 11:47
I'll do it for a euro.

2004-01-20, 01:09
Originally posted by eclectica
I'll do it for a euro.

:rolleyes: $

2004-01-20, 21:50
Originally posted by harby
i have set up candlelight vigil outside my computer everyday until i hear frm her again.

2004-01-21, 00:31
i miss her too. katarina is as beautiful inwardly as she is outwardly. a truly kind sweet genuine person.

i hope she returns to you soon tim. :)

2004-01-21, 01:01
this bird has flown

so I lit a fire

isnít it good?

2004-01-21, 01:55
i miss her every day :sad:

2004-01-21, 02:01
I worry about that $girl a bit.

For the last few years I've been trying to 'make her mean'.

However I have the sneakie fealing she knows what's up.

See most of U dillweeds don't know what a burden it is to be good looking and nice and smart.

I figure u're mostly like me... ugly, mean & dumb.

2004-01-21, 02:05
Hi ugly, mean and dumb Mekajinn man.

I miss U're wild arse posts too.

2004-01-21, 04:07
Originally posted by harby
thanks registered. it is nice to know that you are around too...you know its somewhat comforting to think that we look upon the same moon....and perchance breathe in the same air...in way that comforts me...just knowing ppl like u and kat are out there.

thanks tim...i feel the same about you. as i'm sure katarina does, and anyone else who is fortunate enough to know you. :)

2004-02-11, 13:55
gee guys, just when i was becoming a hardened, souless dollar girl, i am saved and converted back to my usual self, by lovely people like you. :eatout: *smooches* for free, to all of you *mwah*

2004-02-11, 19:58
I worship the almighty dollar (http://www.tatom.org/images/KatarinaMessiah.jpg)

Who needs 72 virgins anyways?

2004-02-11, 23:30
Ahhhh so many to convert, so little time to do it in :eatout: :beer: