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View Full Version : should unregistered guests be allowed to post in the miscellaneous forum?

2004-01-21, 00:08
Should guests be allowed to post in the "dionysians" miscellaneous lounge forum? For the last couple of months, they were allowed to post there, and I stopped it recently.

I am satisfied with the results of allowing guests to post in the filesharing forums, because their role is professional and it doesn't matter so much who they are, but rather the content of what they say. I am following the model of slyck.com (http://www.slyck.com) in appreciating how guests can contribute to a board. But Slyck has very little lounge or non-filesharing subjects, unlike this forum which has a good amount of non-filesharing subjects. Slyck has many regular members, but I feel that they are not dedicated in a community sense, but only to get a p2p fix. Perhaps by being too professional, they lose a sense of community.

I don't want to force community on anybody, but I also don't want to make the forum so wordly and objective that we realize that we're really worth nothing because someday we will all die and there are 6 billion other people in the World. Or perhaps trying to create a community is an act of vanity that benefits only a few rather than benefitting many. See this thread (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=200) for more thoughts along that line.

So what will it be: a whorehouse where there really is a love of the community, because the folks enjoy being here, or a community that people are forced to become a part of, like "Little house on the prairie"?

I miss being able to post as a guest in the lounge forum. It's not as fun anymore now. I'm tired of registering new clones, as I already have about thirty membership accounts on this board and I am losing track of them all. It would be so much easier for me to portray my multiple personalities as various unregistered guests.


2004-01-21, 04:07
Originally posted by harby
This is a private forum..if we don't like it..we'll leave...but what a sad lonely place you'll be in...growing tired of talking to yourself if we do go and leave.
Most forums are privately owned, but some are more closed off to the public than others, depending on their policies and culture. If a forum were really private then it wouldn't be a forum at all. Forums by nature have to be public. The part of forums that is private tends to be the ownership. But just because one person pays for the forum, doesn't necessarily mean that the person is a complete dictator. It all depends on the personality of the owner. If a person says to you that you have to deal with whatever because he paid for the joint then you would hardly feel welcome there, no matter how true it may be. The owner should refrain from reminding the users that he is boss because he paid for the joint whenever they criticize him. It's just unclassy and petty to do that.

Some forums like Slyck (http://www.slyck.com/forums/) allow guests to post while on the other extreme, there are ones like ES5 (http://forums.es5.com/) that require that a person be registered just to view the board. I prefer the openness of Slyck more than the privateness of ES5.

2004-01-21, 04:15
Originally posted by harby
if you do decide to be 'exclusionist' and a reclusive 'community' by allowing only people here who 'share your vision it isn't going to benefit you any.

Sure it may feed your ego for a while..but i think you would grow tired of the relentless stream of ass-kissers who align themselves with you to pursue your dream:

a world where everyone agrees with you, loves and respects/admires you...and likes you

Dood its a false reality and not a good one to embrace..you need to accept the fact that some people/not all people but some just don't like you and there is NOTHING (aka 'fuckall') you can do about it.
These arguments you are making weigh in favor of allowing guests to post. When guests are allowed to post then free, anonymous speech is preserved.

2004-01-21, 04:26
Originally posted by harby
so tell me this ecletica, is 'steve lacroix'/slx really nicobie in disquise?

and at times i wonder if you are really who you say you are
I often wonder who is who. I have extra help by knowing people's IP addresses, but that doesn't always solve anything. Maybe since Steve is a teetotaler and Nic is always drunk, then they're actually the same person depending on the state he's in. I usually don't even bother to keep track of who is who's clone, because that takes the fun out of everything. I like to use my intuition instead of my admin tool belt to try to figure out who people are.

I would guess that you, harby, are slx's sister "Gossiper", AKA "Rogue Reporter".

2004-01-21, 04:34
Originally posted by harby
so I can make distinctions between your clones and aliases and even tell at times when purposefully try to fake an 'accent' or emulate the writing style of another.
I had fun posting as a guest because I could come up with all sorts of cool names like "Osama bin Jesus" or "Menstruating Cunnilingus". I didn't try too hard to hide my identity though.

I think it's a good idea that you registered the name "Unregistered", because it forces guests to actually type a name in when they post. At Slyck they are running phpBB, and even though someone registered the name "Guest", it is still the name of guests there. So in other words, the trick worked on vBulletin but not phpBB. Now if I could only stop a password from being displayed for guests when they post, that would be great, because it needlessly confuses them since they can't do anything with it. They can't edit their posts so there is no need for them to have a password.

2004-01-21, 04:40
Originally posted by harby
so I can make distinctions between your clones and aliases and even tell at times when purposefully try to fake an 'accent' or emulate the writing style of another.

cAn lead a hoRse To water


yOu can't makE HiM drink.

2004-01-21, 05:24
Originally posted by harby
if you were to act completely opposite and contrary to how you really are on a date with a girl...and she fell in love with you...she would be falling in love with a person who doesn't it exists..it would not really be you that she loved but that false image of yourself that you portrayed to her..you could never live up to that image for very long...its better to be yourself.
I think that even when we are acting, we are still ourselves. No matter what we do we are always ourselves. That's why the phrase "If I was in your shoes, I would do this..." doesn't make sense, because if you were in my shoes, you would do the exact same thing!

Originally posted by harby
we've spoke a lot hear tonight in just this thread..but tell me..don't you find honest, open and real communication better than the shit that goes on at tehru?

example of shit that goes on at tehru:

i remember seeing a thread there by gazdet or somebody...anyway the 'offending portion' has since gone disappearing..but basically they were putting on false friendliness wishing each other a 'happy new year'

mortal and bitter enemies SixxGunZZ and Gazz, at least as far as forums and the internet goes..then 'cash' or somebody..possible Sixxgunzz decides to wish the 'napsterites' happy holidays the way i perceived or interpreted their wishing of 'us' (i included myself under the banner title, 'napsterite' for some foolish reason)

as if it was some strain to them to do that..or some 'great' grand magnificient guesture for or by which we should all be in 'awe' or amazed/grateful or appreciative by/for.
I don't know if these specific examples were genuine and heartfelt, but I know that in the online world, there are a lot of false smiles and political gestures, and gestures of goodwill to appear as good guys in the eyes of the less astute. It's political like Bush saying that he wants to help give work permits to immigrants to appear as a "compassionate conservative", or Democrats showing up at Nixon's funeral and paying their respects. They want to look magnanimous, noble, and lofty.

Originally posted by harby
What i remember is this:

Napsterites.org closing unceremoniously and surreptiously..with a farewell message of:

Questions? Fuck'em!

to that i say FUK U! cash.

I still think you are a worthy person to be admired appreciated and respected for your wealth of knowledge and sense of humour as a person and a friend (not personally to me) but to many..but

as far as your relation to me on the internet goes..that pretty much summed up your real or true feelings for 'us' the napsterites your 'true constituensts'

so save your fake ass phoney friendly wellwishing..i know better..i know a version of the truth i chose to believe..i know a personal truth..and goddam i have $dollar to thank for my newfound englightenment and perspective on a great deal of things.
I agree with you about Cash. His intellect is strong, but his spirit is weak, thus leading to his tragic demise.