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View Full Version : this just in....

2004-01-22, 05:34
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-01-22, 17:50
I didn't look too much at the first article, but the second article in which the hyperlink is working, was interesting.

One thing I would disagree with is the idea that the internet is unreal. I think of the forum as a place where we can socially interact with others and exchange ideas. I think it's a lot better than spending several hours watching TV. It's a hobby, and some hobbies have to be kept in perspective; that's all.

2004-03-29, 14:54
Agreed about the perspective portion of teh hobby...and I myself SUPRISELY have now divested (separated, parted with) television watching in favor of more time spent on the internet.

At present I have a healthy perspective and interaction with the net...one that I haven't always had..I used to be an addict but now believe myself to be recovered for the most part.


hehe sure thats not changed?

2004-03-31, 08:46
some things repeated over are they not lies?
they dont appear to be lies so whats the truth?
if things are deceptive and are the only representation of someone we have then what should we think or feel?
is this all a joke?

2004-03-31, 14:09
i dont care what the line is
i will cross any line that needs to or should be crossed
im not here to prove u wrong
though if i do
what can u say?
u can try to prove me wrong back
if uve got that strong a standpoint i cant prove u wrong
everyone got opinions dude
i can respect them just not always agree with them

2004-03-31, 16:09
no quite the opposite dude
im not sure where u get ur reasoning from dude lmao

2004-04-01, 05:18
we are neutral
because i reply to u does that mean some kind of controll
hey ur posting back too!
ur just wrong man
i reply to other people
do they controll me?

2004-04-01, 10:42
to me nicobies purpose seems to be to piss me off :p
i dont mind getting rowdy every now n then