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2004-01-23, 23:36
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-01-24, 14:59
I enjoy reading what you write. I think your writing style is great and you offer a lot to the board. This is a small board and at times I feel like I post too much. I average 2.36 posts a day, which isn't too excessive. But when I realize I have made 35% of the posts here, then I willfully don't respond to some posts because I feel like I am posting too much. I don't want to dominate the board to the point of scaring people away or stifling the atmosphere, so I refrain from posting at times. I am happy to see people interacting regardless of my participation. I would think the board has not lived up to its full potential if it turns out that I am the only major poster here. So I need to sit back on the side lines to reassure myself that there is some life to this board without my involvement. I see that there is, and I am satisfied.

There are other factors too, such as when a person writes such a complete post that no comment is needed. If I am tired I tend not to respond to posts either. It's like conversation. Some days you are very talkative and other days you are quiet.

It's good to be comfortable with the silence of others. As long as they're reading it you know they're getting something out of your post, even if they don't respond. You can't see the reactions of people when they read your posts, so you might believe that you are wasting your time.

You are not wasting your time. I read every single post that is made on this board, so even when no one responds you know that at the very least I am getting something out of it.

You are not alone.


2004-01-25, 02:40

U run off at the mouth too much.

Keep it short or none will bother reading.

Keep it smart or none will bother replying.

2004-01-25, 04:05
Originally posted by harby
I must say,

" . "

Is it that time of the month for U ? :bluefish:

2004-01-25, 06:08
U run off at the mouth too much.

Keep it short or none will bother reading.....
not true. i enjoyed reading harby's post very much. he has so many emotions, and he's not afraid to open himself up and share them. he's honest about what he feels, open and sincere in his interacting with others, that's a heartwarming quality...a quality that everyone should have. whether it be in person, or even on a forum...people should not try to be anything but themselves.

Keep it smart or none will bother replying.
not only is he totally genuine in all his posts, his intelligence is unquestionable.

Originally posted by eclectica
I enjoy reading what you write. I think your writing style is great and you offer a lot to the board.

You are not alone.

2004-01-25, 06:21
i agree registered
and nicobie is just here to stir trouble

the wonderfull people usually get lost in the sea of dickheads
if only everyone was a nice and upfront as harby
maybe the net wouldnt be known for assholes running thier mouths just because they cant be strangled

good on ya harby keep it comin

if ya keep it coming nicobie just leave and find some flaming forum or something

2004-01-25, 07:14
hi cs....nice to meet ya :)

i don't know how long you've been posting on the napsterite related forums, but nicobie is a long time napsterite, one of the originals from the first nappy board. he has always been a nice person. he's seen a lot of flaming done to others through the years, but i've never seen him be anything but decent and kind toward everyone..except for lately...

i know one thing for certain...it's not in his usual nature to try to stir trouble or to flame.