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View Full Version : software game designed by Hezbollah

2003-05-19, 06:45
Special Force (http://download.specialforce.net/english/indexeng.htm)

Electronic games are not only a method of entertainment at which children nowadays find refuge to spend time after schooling.

These games became a “life pattern” for many generations; especially computer appliances are now filling houses. This causes the lack of a chance to spend time via other methods due to the nature of the life in the city, along with what it enforces, such as restraining the possibility of going down to streets or spending time in places far from troubles and confusions.

However, the problem behind these electronic games, especially those designed for computers, is that most of them are foreign make, especially American.

Therefore, they bear enormous false understandings and habituate teenagers to violence, hatred and grudges. In addition, some enfolds humiliation to many of our Islamic and Arab countries, where battles are running in these Arab countries, the dead are Arab soldiers, whereas the hero who kills them is – the player himself – an American!

This phenomena can be simply observed in any games shop, or the shops that sell CDs. This means that one of us will offer – with his own hands – poisoned stuff to his children to spend their times with it, without any supervision, probation or guidance. However, the primary warnings a father can give to his child may not be helpful in stepping over these deceitful pictures borne by these games.

Therefore, what is the solution?

Beginning, we must say that we cannot seriously talk about “Arab Electronic Games”, since this sort of games is unavailable in the market. If there were some, they would rather be simple, sloppy, and unable to meet the ambition of the young generation, where it can present a 3D game that converses with the reality and draws ahead a picture of a complete world via which a young man can move, as happens in the foreign games.

This gap is one of the gaps that face Arab programming production. This gab must not be underestimated and it heads the top of the Arab programmers’ agenda. These programmers give priority – fairly – to other grave issues they are working on, trying to find solutions for them, especially that which concerns the great development of world’s programming, which requires updates via exerted huge efforts, where Arab programmers seem unable to exert, due to the lack of the possibilities.

Ahead of this Arab weakness, there was a continuous American-western attack on our boys. There are different types of games their hands can reach everyday amongst who some can be considered as scandalous by all means, such as that game in which a player “destroys the terrorist camps that were established by the terrorist organizations in the south of Lebanon!”

Ahead of this two-complicated-trends reality, western attack and Arab defeat. It was necessary to oppose this problem via one of two solutions: banning these games exclusively, knowing this issue is not possible since some of its aspects are illogic, or working towards the opposite direction by finding an alternative issue – that can offer fun to our boys –. In addition, this presents games, which can suite our reality and does not crash against the modern and struggling values of our nation.

This trend was coursed by the Central Internet Bureau of Hizbullah via designing a plan that depends on issuing a number of electronic games that can fill the gap existing within our Arab arena and the perseverance of the basic consistencies that preserve the principles of the nation and its struggling decision to fight the usurping Zionists.

This project was not suddenly born, and its outcomes will not appear rapidly, because launching a project of this size requires great infrastructures concerning human capabilities with special computer programming skills, which need to be available before beginning the 1000-mile trip.

However, this reality does not mean one should freeze before these requirements; rather it needs drawing the outlines of the project, and this came true.

2004-09-21, 18:31
bloody poor arabs
noone understands them

i guess it is easy for a big "smart" country like the united states to pick on a poor bunch of arabs with lack of many of the things they have

E wait till i start releasing games lol

2004-09-23, 11:50
I have to agree with the beginning of this Article. There is no need to have any races at all. But that is the way it is with these newer games. The older ones generally had made up creatures and game people. Very colorful and bright.
I don't think we need a new group of people for the younger generation to hate. Just like they say about the Russians, the Arabs could become our next, new best-friends.
But then again, if we were all white, then we'd hate the people with brown eyes, or blonde hair. Seems we always have to find a way to be better than somebody else. And that kinda sucks.

2004-10-05, 15:01
people are too busy looking for something to pick on that has no need to be picked
sure omni-gods are not possible to have been responsible for creationism

people have a habit of taking things too far
good and bad
and claiming that good outdoes all evil cept when it comes to someone else doing it to them