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2004-02-03, 11:34
The [WorldMusic] network is actually not a network, but a single server running SlavaNap. People can run OpenNap (http://opennap.sourceforge.net/) or SlavaNap (http://www.slavanap.org/) servers on their home computers. They are private servers where several hundred users can connect and share files with each other. The servers can also link with other servers and create a network. While such servers are usually referred to as "opennap" servers, most of the servers running are actually SlavaNap servers. The reason why is that SlavaNap has more options and it continues to be developed. The latest version of OpenNap was released in September 2001. You can see the public listing of servers here at Napigator (http://www.napigator.com/serverlist/).

Ever since I started using WinMX more than two years ago, I would connect to both the WinMX central network (WPN) and several "opennap" servers. When version 3 of WinMX came out, it became easy to import a .wsx server list of all the "opennap" servers from other users. Having a connection to such servers allowed for more diversity and better chances of getting material. It allowed for a chance to connect to non-WinMX users such as AudioGnome users. If the main WinMX network was down then it would serve as a backup. At times during the golden age I was able to connect to around 20 servers with 30,000 total users. For the most part though, the "opennap" servers were not as reliable as the WPN. There were problems with clients entering queues correctly, and many servers were overloaded to the point of being dysfunctional. Some of the server owners got too enthusiastic about having high numbers of users, and overloaded their servers.

Now WinMX is the main client which connects to the "opennap" servers. Some server owners don't like it because often it tries to connect the user with a random password or because it hammers the server every three minutes. Having one's server listed on the commonly traded wsx lists would create the effect of a small denial of service attack, with several people trying to connect at once.

A lot of servers are crap now and I no longer to connect to several of them as I used to. There is only one server that I connect to now. It is the WorldMusic server, with an address of salsa.no-ip.com:4567. It currently has an IP address of, located in the Netherlands. On average the server has 575 users with more than 600,000 files shared. The server is devoted to the sharing of World music. This server serves an important function because of the specialization of the material. It would be a waste to set up a private server and then have it sharing popular tunes. Instead there is much rare international music on the server, making it a worthwhile endeavor.

The WorldMusic server is run by FreeLans (http://phpbb.slavanap.org/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=60). It has been running reliably and efficiently for several years now, providing valuable material to the p2p filesharing community. This server owner deserves the p2p medal of excellence. FreeLans, you are appreciated.

2004-02-04, 15:48
what should i use to connect?
i dodnt like Winmx's crapness except i didnt have a fast enough link to get much
have ta show me how to get it going if i do
ss is nice at the moment
hope it takes another step

2004-02-04, 18:37
Here are the compatible clients (http://www.slavanap.org/clients.php) that work with SlavaNap. Some people prefer WinMX 2.6 (http://www.tatom.org/public/winmx260.exe) to the current version 3.31, but I like the newest version the best.

2004-02-05, 06:29
cool ill give it a try i guess sometime im busy but well see how it goes

2004-02-05, 10:08
WinMX by default needs TCP port 6699 and UDP port 6257 forwarded through the router. You can change what ports you use in the program settings. I find the setup to be easy, and it's the program I recommend for new users. To connect to the main WinMX network, you hit the Networks tab and under WinMX Peer Network, you will have the choice of either a secondary or a primary connection. A primary connection means running your computer as node, which will use up more resources. In order to connect to OpenNap or SlavaNap servers, you have to go into the OpenNap Protocol Networks section under Networks. Then you hit the Add button and fill in the information. Afterwards hit "OK". If you don't put a port number then by default it will try to connect to 8888. See the attachment.

You can download WinMX 3.31 here (http://www.winmx.com/download/).

2004-02-05, 16:02
i didnt connect lol

2004-02-05, 17:27
Originally posted by Criminal_Sniper
i didnt connect lol
I think the server owner has bans on certain clients like WinMX when there are too many connected to the server. Also he puts some people who have a lot of World music on a "friends" list so that they can connect to the server when it is full. I've been on that list for a while so I'm lucky.

Pictured here in the attachment is part of the server message that one gets when logging in.

2004-02-06, 04:45
still the same old winmx
the search only gets maybe 40 or so results for a big name metallica song and looses half of them
in the meantime i have a million (feels like it) wanting to upload rare shit off me when they have nothing

nobody shares there its a cheaters network

2004-05-18, 00:20
Please try nap-usa-p2p. you can import this from the list below!

# This WSX file exported by WinMX v3.31
# For details of the file format, please visit:
# http://www.winmx.com/dev/

N: nap-usa-p2p v5A
V: nap-usa-p2p v5A
A: movies-games3.no-ip.biz:8888
A: movies-games3.no-ip.biz:3456
A: movies-games.no-ip.biz:8888
A: movies-games2.no-ip.biz:8888
A: movies-games4.no-ip.biz:8888
A: movies-games4.no-ip.biz:7777
A: movies-games2.no-ip.biz:1234
A: nap-usa-p2p.servemp3.com:1234
A: nap-usa-p2p.servemp3.com:3456
A: nap-usa-p2p.servemp3.com:8888
A: nap-usa-p2p.servemp3.com:7777
A: nap-usa-p2p.servemp3.com:1111

2004-05-18, 01:40
Now that Napigator is not working anymore, you can have your server publicly listed at either NapList (http://www.naplist.com/) or GotNap (http://www.gotnap.com/). If you are listed there then you will have lots of people connecting to your servers.