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View Full Version : should the WWW be regulated

2004-02-05, 03:17
i see the web as the last frontier....and being partial to the old, wild west i'd like to think that there is still some place in the world free from government regulation and interference...

the gov is trying hard to regulate spam....and i hate spam...but then i don't have to read it or even get it...i think if you're smart enough you'll be able to avoid most, if not all of it...

they want to impose stiff prison sentences on people that give false info when reg'ing a web site.....

etc....etc....ya know?

let the spammers do what they do....it ain't costing me...... if they start regulating them, next they'll be regulating me

and you

let it stay wild and free....what's your take?

2004-02-05, 03:39
Another reason why it shouldn't be regulated is that it reaches all over the World, and it would be hard to try to follow the varying laws of every country.

Actually the US department of Commerce controls ICANN (http://icann.org/), which controls the whole internet. Recently other countries wanted ICANN to be controlled by the United Nations, but that was rejected.

2004-02-05, 05:32
How do you regulate a world wide network when no one can agree on anything?

2004-02-05, 06:25
and the net does not have the architechture to be regulated
they would have to shut it off
we always have better encryption and such
u can always call a file my song and date it
they wont have a clue on an encrypted annonymous service either
they will do it by law
but we will go beyond regulation even further where they cannot touch us
if only freenet was fast n all
if it totally what it says it is then its the future
just runs like a dog on my comp and has nothing
but the idea will break off into something new just lkike napster
poor old napster that spawned the new generation of P2P
i think even if they shut the net down the whole world would start a wireless network from block to block
imagine if there was wireless whever you went in everyhouse hooked up like freenet lol
well maybe not freenet
it would spawn a net lot of protocols and that would change open source and linux
windows dosent change so they would be dinosaurs at this time
what happens when they put us down?
we rise to met and overcome the challenge
but we can do it with electronics where the rules are much more solid than life
but still just as crazy