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View Full Version : ranting

2004-02-07, 00:52
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-02-11, 12:12
i dont know what you're talking about

2004-02-12, 15:01
Originally posted by wishful thinking
have U figured it out, yet? yes

2004-02-13, 00:51
oh, yeah, i get it. :weird:

2004-02-13, 01:37
Tim lol, your a sweetheart :D

2004-03-12, 00:29
this board has mods?
thats news to me lol
im not sure about admin either

2004-03-13, 15:21
jk about the admin but MODS!
shit that is the biggest news flash for today

2004-03-14, 01:22
Not even dude
what this tread bout ?

2004-03-16, 20:22
Originally posted by wishful thinking
there is no appropriate smiley for this

2004-03-24, 12:08
The Sun is coming up. There is a new day upon us. Feel the rays of the Sun and listen to what it is saying.

2004-03-24, 20:06
ur so kind Tim
one thing i always feel when someone is sick and dying is that they will be better off dead
some people have said to me thats cruel
i say thinking of urself is cruel
think of their pain
i know ill be happy when i go
i hope for release
even from good and bad when i get to a certain state

2004-03-26, 23:54
no thanx dude, i'm more than happy to interact publically. Partially busy anyway, doing washing, getting ready to go out and then off to work.

2004-03-27, 11:17
not one fucking word is making sense to me
well kind of but its like the first part is hard to get past
like genesis :p

2004-03-27, 17:53
id rather not know nothing and live mediocre and not to the best that i could and know a little more
i dont think ill ever know everything but he more i do know the more comfortable i seem to get
life is ugly but we hae to try and keep it more on the nice side
why does the bible try so hard to stop people from exploring things?

2004-03-29, 05:39
go dude!
maybe u should be a pitman
check out all those trophy chicks all day man

2004-03-31, 04:50
whats confusing about looking at girls all day???

2004-04-18, 00:53
Is it ok if I share my feelings with you?

2004-04-18, 01:01
and it isn't funny either...

2004-04-21, 12:28
i think going on an internet diet is better than going on an internet ban. The idea is to reduce your internet hours to a practical and realistic limitation, than completely banning it from your 'daily diet'.

It's about life-style change and continuous will power, not temporary deprivation that leads no where but binging.

I think your life is unhealthy because it is severely unbalanced, and i think you react to this the same way that i do... by deciding to be completely rid of what it is you think you indulge too much in. Problem is, the next day you go through withdrawal symptoms and unless u are superhuman, chances are you will give into your cravings. I attempt to deprive myself of the things i over indulge in as a response to my emotions and self-criticism. I know however that the deprivation wotn last, but it doesn't stop me from making what i know are short-lived promises to myself, and it doesn't stop me in temporarily believing i will carry them out.

You need to discover why you over-indulge. For example, when i am sad, i tend to eat excess amounts of sugary foods. Its a way of dealing with emotions by keepign busy SOMEHOW. You deal with your emotions by going on the internet to keep busy, to find comfort, to try to feel better, but, the next day, i guess, you feel shit for your method of dealing with your emotional pain and failures. I know i do. It's a common cycle, that you, me and millions of others deal with.

I think your solution should be somethign less drastic than 'leaving the internet for 3 months". Instead, take up a new hobby for your spare time... say, 4 hours a week for that one hobby... thats 4 hours less you will spend online. Then when you are ready, take up another hobby, again gradually reducing your internet time, while fulfilling your need for activity and acomplishign something, YET also still allowing yourself to be online. You should not deprive yourself, because the internet is NOT unhealthy, but the OBSESSION is, and an obsession can be beaten, so there is no need to ban things u enjoy from your life.

THe idea is to get them under control.

Sometimes we are aware of the things that are destroying us, but we are too scared and too weak to make change. I like to think of myself as a strong person, a reasonable person, but i too become victim to fear of change, lacking self-confidence and dangerous life cycles.

I guess that makes me normal, because i dont know anybody who leads some standardly perfect life.

My saying is that, in order to be happy, you need to feel sad sometimes... otherwise, you have nothign to compare your happiness to, and no means to appreciate it.

2004-04-22, 18:07
i had a bad life and everyday i strive to make it one little bit better
no matter how big or small or how hard or easy
and at least i know things cant get much worse than they have before
hope things get better for u man

2004-04-23, 00:43
i posted my decision to go before reading D-girl's words here..i may stick around..

see $,

At times it does not pay to be nice~~

much less even trying to be civil.

2004-04-25, 17:09
capitalism is in effect slavery
but i wont get into that......

maybe decide on something like me something that has no borders or blurred lines like the net or something that people cant do without
maybe we could help each other in someway
teaching each other and coming up with ideas

2004-06-03, 07:18
I never really gave it much thought, but now wonder if she really wanted to have kids with me;

i take it she knows u?