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View Full Version : job hunting--again!

2004-02-09, 00:03
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-02-09, 10:31
I would think the jail job would be the better choice, because it is a stable job that gives you a guaranteed paycheck. Would you be a government worker, or are you from one of those states in which private industry runs jails?

I saw a really good movie called Das Experiment (http://www.viewlondon.co.uk/review_950.html), which I recommend.

2004-02-11, 02:12
i once read an article about american women in the prison system working as guards. Many of the women reported that when they were pregnant and showing, the male prisoners were highly protective of them.

I don't know... i always found that interesting.

Takes a woman with balls to work in a male prison, guarding serial killers, rapists etc.

Taking on a certain role in a workplace or society always has positive and negative effects. I find it to be admirable when one can still be good and professional at their job, even though the negative factors may outweight the positive ones.

A beautiful soul i met once told me to "always kill them with kindness".

I took this picture of him in late december i think, after going to a George concert. :::


the image reminds me of something u'd see taken in suburbia in the 60's.

2004-02-11, 12:01
perhaps a shocking concept, since this is 'your' thread, but my reply wasn't actually about you.

Whatever the circumstances, not everyone can handle the responsibilities of a job, nowhere did i mention that doing so was a common occurance. I'm aware of environmental factors of diverse workplaces and that it is indeed living, breathing rational/irrational humans that are placed in these akward situations to 'tame' the environment and inhabbitants... it is people that make weird situations work and it is people who create these weird situations.

You need to realise, that just because there is a conversation about a man that is a rapist, doesn't mean that the world accuses you of the same thing coz u have a cock.

i'm not ashamed to admit that i couldnt' handle working in a prison... and you know what, that doesn't make me feel like shit... i dont feel like 'pond scum' and i dont feel embarassed.

I'm also not smart enough to be an astronomer... but i'm no goddamn idiot either.

fact is no matter how smart you are, there is ALWAYS someone smarter than you and ALWAYS someone smarter than that person. THIS IS WHY 'STUPID PEOPLE' dont exist, because by the standards of einstein, i'm a fucken moron, but by the standard of someoen else, i could just be brilliantly smart.


and there is no shame in that.