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2004-02-09, 11:05

In the 1970s, AT&T created Unix. Ownership of Unix first passed to Novell, and then to SCO in 1995. SCO is a relatively small company located in Utah, with Darl McBride as its CEO.

SCO sued IBM in March 2003, claiming that the company purposefully undermined Unix and took parts of the Unix code to be added to Linux. Linux is a free, open source operating system. While their lawsuit was limited against IBM, the broader action behind it was a strike against Linux. Linux is perceived to be a threat by both SCO and Microsoft.

The MyDoom worm was discovered on January 26 2004. It caused infected computers to launch Denial of Service attacks on the SCO website (http://www.sco.com/) between February 1 to February 12. SCO decided to wait until February 1 to see what impact the DoS attacks would have on their site. They then gave up and moved their site to a second location, thescogroup.com (http://www.thescogroup.com)

SCO announced a quarter million dollar reward for information leading to the conviction of the author of the MyDoom worm. The problem is, that even if the author is found, he may never be convicted. This is because virus/worm writing is not illegal itself, and is often done for scholarly means without malicious intent.

Attacks or hacking of specific websites of companies probably have the intended effect of humiliating them more than anything else. Hackers usually want to get a point across or to demonstrate a security vulnerability. Their work is a type of internet terrorism, by using brute force. The terrorism that hackers create on the internet is more palatable than offline terrorism. No one dies, and the ability to conduct precise strikes against targets without collateral damage is there.

SCO should be happy that the worm was set to launch DoS attacks against their website for only 12 days. From a business perspective, the posting of the quarter million dollar bounty makes little sense. The damage has been done already, and it only makes them look like bigger losers. It shows how deep their arrogance and foolish pride runs, and that is the reason they were attacked in the first place.

2004-03-04, 00:12
AutoZone and Daimler Chrysler, both Linux users, were sued today by SCO. Here is the news story:
here is an excerpt:
SCO Chief Executive Darl McBride compared his company's actions to the Recording Industry Association of America's lawsuits against alleged music sharing. "It wasn't until the RIAA launched a series of lawsuits against end users that the end users became fully educated," he said.

The RIAA suits decreased file swapping, McBride said, adding: "We think that for the most part we're going to see some similar trends here," with companies starting to pay SCO for a license to use its intellectual property.
Well he's right that SCO's lawsuits are similar to the RIAA's lawsuits. They are both frivolous and pathetic. But a difference between SCO's stance and the RIAA's, is that SCO is suing big companies, which will likely fight them in court because they can afford the lawyers. The RIAA has only succeeded because people have preferred to settle with them, not being able to afford the lawyers.

SCO ought to accept its inexorable death more gracefully and honorably. They continue to collect lottery-for-life with their ownership of the "intellectual property" of Unix. Instead of being content with what they have they are spending their last energy on more aggravation and lawsuits. It makes as much sense as it would to have a dying old man spending his last years in a hospital undergoing multiple surgeries, rather than simply enjoying the remainder of his life and dying in peace.

2004-03-15, 16:48
im not sure that the first inventor of the first programming language own everything since?
thats thier reasoning
patenting is fucking going to stop one way or another
could i sue a big corp because id used the same tag or variable before
well i dont like this shit its got to stop
linux sucks but this is for the rights of all the future

2004-03-20, 16:53
The proprietary companies SCO and Microsoft have a common interest in defeating their main competitor and threat, Linux.

You can see SCO's mindset towards technology and innovation in their 2004-01-08 letter (http://www.osaia.org/letters/sco_hill.pdf) that was sent to every member of the United States Congress.

2004-03-29, 14:56
i heard M$ were getting sued something like 800 MILL!
heard anything bout this?

2004-03-31, 05:03
i heard M$ were getting sued something like 800 MILL!
heard anything bout this?
The European Union imposed a fine of 497 million Euros, which was at the time 613 million American dollars, but is now 605 million USD and 805 million AUD, according to this currency calculator (http://www.x-rates.com/calculator.html). Here is the news story:

2004-03-31, 09:02
lol i hope they loose
maybe they could throw some of the hard cash towards new developing computer industries
and give us replacement scaled down versions of 'windows' untill something better comes along

2004-04-16, 23:40
An investment firm named BayStar Capital (http://www.baystarcapital.com/) invested $20 million in SCO in October 2003. It was found out later that their investment in SCO was recommended by Microsoft. That then raised questions of Microsoft's involvement in the lawsuits against Linux. Now BayStar Capital has changed its mind and wants to sell its 20,000 shares. They probably want to cut their losses after they came to realize that the SCO legal case is weak, and the company otherwise has no future because it does not create anything new, but only claims ownership of "intellectual property".

In addition to the $20 million investment by Baystar Capital, the Royal Bank of Canada has invested $30 million. That has given them the money necessary for a long drawn out battle. In a March interview Darl McBride said:
"A year ago we had (about) $6 million, and now we have $60 million--$50 million of that coming in through the investment. We have a war chest to defend our rights and to fight our claims in the courtroom."

SCO stock (http://ir.sco.com/stock.cfm) declined 13% yesterday after the news about Baystar Capital was announced.

2004-04-18, 21:44
these are the sum that have contributed to the lack of new things being allowed
technology will supposedly slow down in 10 years (speeds and that)
i think it wont be a problem we will all run hacked systems with total anon on wireless networks joined round the world
we will start doing things ourselves ;)

2004-06-10, 19:52
Their stock keeps declining. I just noticed that their stock is displayed in exponential rather proportional format on their charts so it doesn't look like such a drop. I'll attach a screenshot of their activity for the last year.

There's an article in today's CNET on their financial troubles:

2005-02-28, 10:42
Here's more good news about the downfall of SCO in this article (http://www.it-analysis.com/article.php?articleid=12594).

Open Source is an idea whose time has come. Whether it turns out to be a positive commercial force remains to be seen, but there is no doubt that it is a driving trend in the software business. It is the iceberg that Darl McBride steered SCO into.

I applaud the death of anyone who tries to stop the open source movement. Next stop: Microsoft.

2005-03-01, 06:38
go the masses!!!!