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View Full Version : Anyone that wants to help me....

2004-02-11, 01:27
.... find The.Texas.Chainsaw.Massacre.DVDSCR.XviD-DiAMOND please, feel free in doing so! I need it by Thursday....I got 425mbs of it so far off an IRC bot, but he hasn't come back online in 2 days... so I need a new source and www.mydownloader.com is down... :(

It should be anywhere from 700-710mbs....


2004-02-11, 10:02
This is the link here, but if it is activated then the board adds http:// to the beginning of it, and it doesn't work.



As you can see, the board adds http:// to the beginning of the link.

ED2K links should work once I upgrade the forum to vBulletin version 3 Gold release. See this (http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/showthread.php?t=59653) vBulletin thread. In the thread they say that ED2K links work in older versions of vBulletin, but not in version 2.34 evidently.

2004-02-11, 10:44
Here's a workaround. You can create your own html document like the attached file and that will work. Or you can send yourself a PM on another board which doesn't have the ED2K bug.

2004-02-11, 10:51

lol, I just discovered another vBulletin 2.34 bug. You can see the icon to the left of the attachment has this as a path:
when it should be this:

2004-02-11, 19:21
There are other search engines and a few more results.



2004-02-12, 04:32
yeah I hit up Packetnews and that helped a lot, I only knew of

xdccspy.com and

but that's definately a good new one, I got the movie now, thanks for the help guys...

and I'll have to look into Share Reactor...

2004-02-12, 18:06
this is great when ya cant find much press search again and down the bottom of the new page ya might get update jigle
it searches the ed2k network for ya and updates its databases
i got 3000 sources for one files
and overnet is much better than the rest now
actually got top speed
never done on edonkey or emule
takes a few days put a few parts on of a few movies and ya should have it pretty soon
by them selves though now they do manage some decent speed which its not known for lol