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View Full Version : for the woman in your life who has always wondered...

2004-02-12, 03:02
what it is like to be a guy...or heck, fun for you guys, too

you too can pee in the snow (http://www.panlogic.net/yellowsnow/peeindex.html)

just click anywhere on the snow, you'll figure it out.

2004-02-13, 01:15
i knew the purpose of a man's life was minimal... i guess u could call peeing in the snow a skill... :beer:

2004-02-13, 20:18
this is the best I could do since I'm left handed and I have to use a right handed mouse (well, I know I don't have to, but I choose to)

Anywho.... cheers mates:beer:


2004-02-13, 22:36
haha thats sweet
much better than me and im meant to be right handed but i do shit with both
at least my excuse isnt just being left handed though so i get away with it ;)
happy valentines day people
im goin to see korn fear factory and static-x live tonight

2004-02-14, 01:20
goodday sweeties... &

all u penis impared perps can suck off :)

it's a day for the bitc....... Women.

[bigest :heart: possible]