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View Full Version : smiling smilies

2004-02-13, 00:37
I dont know... over the years i have come to dread and hate the classic smiling smilie. For some reason i automatically associate it with sarcasm and when people use it, it pisses me off.

I just read a thread at .net about peoples religious beliefs, and everyone who replied put down their beliefs. Then i read Squid's reply and it went something like this :

"my religious beliefs....
are nobody's business but my own :) "

and i was left remembering how much i hate the smiling smilie.

The angry smilie makes me laugh. It's honest, yet cute. The smiling smilie is like the devil... a wolf in sheep's clothing. It's like eating cabbage and then biting into a peppercorn, or going to the grocery store, happily stealing cherries and eating them while u wonder down the isles and then bam... eating one full of worms.

I will continue to steal fruit, and the smiling smilie will always continue being used.

there is no justice.


2004-02-13, 01:46

dem frikkin' 'smilies'

anyway. Mostly they just confuse shit.

2004-02-13, 02:25
I've grown to dislike certain smilies for the same reasons. People use them to avoid the responsibility of dealing with others directly. They are a feigned type of friendliness, or a way to tell someone to fuck off and then throw in a :).

For these reasons, when the board was first set up I deleted the smile smiley even though it comes by default with vBulletin. Only after I saw many people using it and it not working, I put it back in the system.

Even for this guy, :D I chose the one missing his tooth, to avoid the lofty pure one with good teeth. We ought to accomodate the handicapped folks here too. That reminds me of how I had a police psychological exam seven years ago in which they asked me to draw three things: a tree, a person, and a house. For the person I drew a guy in a wheel chair, which caused some concern from the interviewer. I ended up being rejected from the NYPD candidacy for psychological reasons.

Of all the smilies, this one disgusts me the most, because it looks retarded, and it's used by lamers on other boards with the context of "welcome to the board, I want you to know that I am your friend here" http://www.p2p-zone.com/underground/images/smilies/wave.gif

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