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2003-05-22, 18:09
A new tape was given to the news service Al-Jazeera on Tuesday, May 20. It contains the voice of Ayman al-Zawahiri. Here is the text of the tape:

Here is an excerpt:
The crusaders and the Jews do not understand but the language of killing and blood.

They do not become convinced unless they see coffins returning to them, their interests being destroyed, their towers being torched, and their economy collapsing.
Sadly, this seems to be the case, that the peaceful demostrations or petitions of millions of people will go unheeded, but the actions of a handful of terrorists will have a real effect on the way the governments conduct their business.

The leaders of corrupt governments (which is most of them) are only impressed by the lobbying power of money and of their personal safety. That is why when you send them a petition or have a peace rally, they don't care. Terrorism is a cheap alternative if you are not wealthy and can not influence politicians through bribery such as lobbying or campaign contributions.

Terrorism is the poor man's solution to achieving political justice.

2003-05-23, 01:01
To be a good citizen one must cast aside what is best for himself and consider what is best for the larger community. "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."

But there are also those who believe that "the squeaky hinge gets the most oil". So they vote in organized groups in order to put pressure on politicians, and they know how to work the system. The latter group will have more power for their numbers and will get more of their agendas and goals met.

Working the system is a type of good citizenship, when contrasted to terrorism, because it is peaceful. However when comparing those who believe in working the system with those who believe in a quieter humbler approach, then I would say it is the quiet ones who are the best citizens, because they are not selfish.

But the political process favors those who work the system. Those who are patient or quiet citizens will be taken for granted. The amount of Muslims in America is close to that of Jews, yet the Jews have so much more power in America than Muslims because they know how to work the system. Organizing, petitioning, and making a lot of noise has done well for them.

Because the political process favors lobbying rather than the concerns of the average good citizen and the quiet minority, some people feel left out of the process and resort to terrorism as a way to address their grievances.

A wise democracy should heed the needs of its minorities so that the hostility and threat of terrorism is reduced. And a superpower should still respect the sovereignty of small weak countries.

That's not what president Bush has done though.

2003-05-23, 02:03

I wouldn't get U in trouble if I typed;


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2003-05-23, 04:05
Originally posted by nicobie

I wouldn't get U in trouble if I typed;


or maybe carnivore........

{just having a giggle 'elurkie'}
Let's see how they react when I publicize the security vulnerabilities of Barbara Bush at Yale University.

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2003-05-26, 05:24
We know that those who like to throw around the word "community" are not necessarily the ones who really live up to the spirit. Many great concepts have been exploited by scoundrels. Look at how president Bush uses 9-11 and patriotism as a tool to get his agendas passed. He is a scoundrel who wraps himself in the American flag, but I'm sure that he does not love the United States. So often it has been the case in history, that a good thing is exploited by scoundrels, so that it seems like a bad thing. Such too is the case with the concept of "community".

Some communities use the model of inclusivity while others use the model of exclusivity. Here is why I think a community which models itself on exclusivity is not a real community. It is because if a community can simply cast out any members it wants to, then it is really no community at all but an elite social club, an insular cult, or a family gathering of cloned zombies. A real community must welcome even those it despises and have ways of dealing with them, or it is really no community at all. To simply cast people out of a community is the wrong solution and is usually for the unimaginative or feeble hearted.

A community should embrace the individual personalities which make it up. The collection of individuals is like a mosaic, making a larger picture of a community.

People who are prisoners should be welcomed back by the rest of the community when they are released. If the larger community can't do it, it means they shouldn't be released yet.

A good thing for a community to have is the ability to love its enemies.

When a suicidal terrorist strikes, we should also mourn the loss of life of the terrorist.

Have you hugged a terrorist lately?

2003-05-26, 09:59
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