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View Full Version : How was your Friday the 13th?

2004-02-13, 22:34
Anybody have bad luck today?

2004-02-13, 22:42
i even watched the freddy vs jason
im dissapointd
just goes to show that supperstition is a bunch of hope and faith that dosent work out

2004-02-14, 22:53
It went well for me...

had a party at camp with some friends, didn't get busted, so that's a plus and I got to have an early valentine's date with me...:P

2004-02-15, 07:35
Originally posted by wishful thinking
i did wake up the next morning with diahrea tho..but think the two things are unrelated.
"Diarrhea" rolls off the tongue and out of the anus just as easily as "Allelujah".

2004-02-19, 00:26
my friend had a TERRIBLE friday 13th. He just couldn't believe how much bad luck this black day contained for him. Then he had a terrible saturday 14th and sunday 15th and monday 16th.... and we realised, he was just doomed in general.

2004-02-19, 01:10
did he die?

thurs 12th is worser

2004-08-14, 02:23
so far so good
it could be worse

once again, I had no sex

2004-08-15, 05:47
I woke up at 9:30AM and took a shower and got ready for a road trip.

It was raining cats and dogs out and my tires are really bald...so from the start of the 3 hour trip to Skowhegan (State Fair for an outdoor concert) I was pestimistic of what was going to happen.

I took Rte. 9 (fastest way to Bangor from Machias) and I spent most of the ride up hydroplaning in my 1985 Cadillac Sedan deVille (scared the shit out of me).

1 hour and 45 minutes later I arrived in Bangor (usually takes 1 hour via Rte. 9). The sky had cleared up there so that was a sign of relief. Got some grub at Wendy's and then hit I95 to Orono.

I had to go to Orono to go to the Union at The University of Maine at Orono because my friend Dorrie (Knobs...nickname) needed to pick up her work study packet. Well I hadn't been to UMO for quite some time so I didn't know how to get there. After spending 1/2 hour to make a 5 minute trip I finally found the place. Everyone who owns/owned/knows someone who owns/owned a Cadillac knows that 1/2 hour of driving means a lot of gas for a nice non-economic V8 engine. Got to the Union and Knobs takes like 20 minutes to find her way around and "get her packet". Heh. When she gets there they tell her that all the information was sent to her e-mail so there was no point to go to the Union after all. Suprise suprise.

I go back to I95 and head out for Skowhegan. I get there and apparently its not as far as I thought because it only took 40 minutes from Bangor. So it was 2PM and the concert was at 8PM. Yay!

Rode around...ran a stop light with a State Trooper behind me...how I didn't lose my license...I've yet to figure that out. Bored out of my mind...it starts to rain again so I'm thinking the outdoor concert is gonna suck. Go into the world's most ghetto Wal-Mart EVER! They didn't have a damn thing on the shelves and all the workers were older than my great-great grandmother twice removed.

Knobs and I go into the fair in hopes of keeping ourselves entertained but failed miserably. For those who have listened to Jeff Foxworthy talk about State Fairs and how there are some really weird ass people there and how it should make you feel better about your own family...well...he was right. Holy shit. I saw some scrody lookin people. Chicks with more facial hair than my dad and had a better beer belly as well. Guys with buck teeth that could turn a beaver on...just a freakshow.

Now its about 6PM and they open up the Grandstand so people can sit. We get front row seats...yay! Wasn't hard since there was only 3 people in line with us at the time. (The place ended up filling up...a little too much).

Killed some time. 2 ex-girlfriends called my cellphone (god damn you women can complain!!!). And then the show finally started.

The concert rocked. Lasted 3 hours. Rented a hotel room (Hampden Inn in Bangor...owned by the Hiltons) and slept in a different bed than the chick I spent all my money on to take to this concert. So yeah, no ass for me.

Friday the 13th at its finest... nothing scarier than paying for an entire trip for a chick and even getting a hotel room with her and not getting any ass.

Woke up. Read the news about the missing girl from Columbia Falls (bout 15 minutes from where I live). Packed up the shit and headed back home.

Btw, I saw Darryl Worley and Rick West.

Darryl changed "Have You Forgotten" around a little bit:
Original Verse
Have you forgotten when those towers fell?
We had neighbors still inside
Going through a living hell
And we vowed to get the ones behind Bin Laden
Have you forgotten?

New Verse
Have you forgotten when those towers fell?
We had neighbors still inside
Going through a living hell
Thanks to some sick bastard named Bin Laden
Have you forgotten?


He made it blend into the song really good and it made the crowd go nuts ...especially since the Maine 133rd Engineer Reserves are in Iraq right now and were attacked a while back. (Matthew Leahy is serving with them and he's my good friend Sam's father....but they let him come home 4th July and he suprised us all...that was cool).


Anywho...I'm bored... I gotta wake up at 10AM and go back to work 11AM-7:30PM (the no life shift) at McDick's and then spend another night doing nothing. I really just wanted to start a thread about the new Saliva CD cuz I think it sucks because its just not their old sound at all and I hate it when artist make you like their shit just so they can change and say they made an album "doing what they wanted to do" ...which for some reason always means "sucks balls"...but whatever... I suppose it could grow on me but after seeing them LIVE!! at the State Theater with Breaking Benjamin, Greenwheel and Brand New Sin and them just coming out with "Back Into Your System"....they really need to work hard to make their new album grow on me because that show + album fucking OWNS! ...anywho...I've blabbed on a lot...partially because I haven't really posted in a coons age so here I am...this is me...talking with ADHD...w00t...night!


**edited because I forgot to say how my day went....

it was...interesting but entertaining ...I give it *** 1/2 stars out of 5

2004-08-16, 06:24
damn you all...

I finally make a post with some depth to it and not one of you net bastards had a response...well f*ck you too! :-P

btw..when I posted to this thread I didn't realize that this was an older thread from back in Feb... its kinda funny how I was getting some the last 13th but this one I didn't get shit.... yeah...life is.....life.

Friend got an OUI tonight btw...he's 16

2004-08-16, 08:31
hey dude i was about to say hi
ive just come back here and ive not posted a heap so fuck u too :p
facial hair
i saw a ?*****? like that once
OMG!! not really sure if it was human though

2004-08-21, 05:29
yeah dude come back we love u
Alte Liebe rostet nicht