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2003-05-26, 04:12

2003-05-26, 04:14
Nevermind, that was 12 hours and 1 minute before I made the post.


2003-05-26, 04:15
And if you're wondering what this post is all about, as I am, it's just that I heard an explosion at that time and I was hoping it was some jihad.

2003-05-26, 04:17
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2003-05-26, 09:53
*there, there Eclectica*, lay down, i'll bring u some paint stripper, err i mean polish spirits, and u will be better in no time! :beer:
do u want your daily dose of caffine pill with that? :eatout:

2003-12-05, 04:11
consipiracy, or coincidence?

2004-04-19, 21:48

2004-06-01, 11:55
the number of the beast

2004-11-11, 16:11

2004-11-12, 01:26

2004-11-12, 06:43
those actually look like multicoloured cocks.

you always were a rebel eclectica. americans.

2004-11-15, 08:24
Yeah, that is pretty wierd.

2004-11-16, 00:47
Has 'lurlkie got his new baby yet?

(or have I just put my foot in my mouth again.......)

2004-11-16, 12:01
Has 'lurlkie got his new baby yet?

(or have I just put my foot in my mouth again.......)

Well, I don't personally know, but I'm sure that when it happens, he's sure to let us know!!! With bells on.

2004-11-18, 02:16
Well, I don't personally know, but I'm sure that when it happens, he's sure to let us know!!! With bells on.

u're prolly right.

2005-01-11, 11:11
Today is the 40 month anniversary of 9/11.

2005-05-11, 10:11
4 4

2005-05-11, 15:06
it's hard to believe it has been 44 months.

It was an original terrorist attack. No doubt adding a whole new area of training to numerous government departments globally.

In Australia since 9/11, the government has made public awarness of terrorism a priority. A booklet was circulated to every citizen in Australia about terrorism, what to do incase something happens, what to look out for and many posters and pamphlets were circulated encouraging Australians to report ANY 'suspicious' activities and a 24 hour phone service was established where people can phone to report anything they see as unusual and possibly threatening. There are framed posters on Trains informing people to "look out for suspiscious packages left in public places" and "unusual gatherings of people" etc.

Prior to 9/11 there was no public education on terrorism and it wasn't something that was openly feared in Australia. It was a topic that the government dealt with, or that Australians would see on television or read in the paper.

It's a bit like sex education in school. It only really became a priority to educate on safe sex in high schools when the AIDS virus became a serious threat. Prior to the very recent introduction of AIDS, the only thing kids were thinking about while having sex was "my dad will kill me if i get pregnant".

I think the Governments attempts to educate the public on terrorism is poor and was largely an election stunt. I think the 9/11 attacks were a blessing to those in power especially during the elections that followed after.

I don't think spending large sections of the budget to circulate a pamphlet and open a 24 hour terrorism phone line is a good method of public education, and i especially don't believe that plastering posters telling the public to "watch out for suspicious packages" and report them on the 'terrorist hotline' was effective. I don't know what a suspicoius package looks like... and if i saw an 'abandoned' briefcase somewhere, i'd just assume that hte poor fucker who lost is, is probably having heart pulpitations trying to figure out where he left it. It's difficult to try to 'educate' the public on something like that, when there was no real prior existing paranoia about suspicoius packages that could blow up. I think the only thing people became paranoid about was arabs. Maybe instead of circulating terrorism pamphlets, the government should have invested money into circulating anti-discrimination pamplhets and anti-racism booklets. In Australia i don't think 9/11 bred too much paranoia about terrorism on the soil, but i do believe it encouraged social segregation and that society and peoples acceptance has taken a huge step back by flaring racial stereotypes. There is no progression when people merely tollerate one another, instead of accepting one another.

My fear of terrorism has hightened slightly since 9/11 however, and also after the Bali Bombings. I don't think i would go to events such as the olympics or large gatherings with international significance because of some strange thinking of "what if". But my daily confidence of living life has not changed. I feel very passionatly about Australia, i would be devestated if an act of terrorism was executed on this soil. To me, this is my home country. There is no other land i would raise my children on, there is no other land i would love as much.

2005-05-11, 16:37
it is hard to let go of ones home
not that we are going to be loosing it any time soon
the big worry is world war not terrorism
and governments denying people freedom

2005-05-11, 17:58
the big worry is world war not terrorism

i disagree....historically world wars have been black & white.... battle grounds defined, enemies recognizable....

with terrorism, who's the enemy, where are the battle lines....

there are none

2005-05-12, 01:22
it is hard to let go of ones home
not that we are going to be loosing it any time soon
the big worry is world war not terrorism
and governments denying people freedom

i disagree also.

I also worry about the cultural change that will occur when terrorism hits Australian soil. In many ways this isolated country is innocent as it is still so very young. Australian attitudes reflect that. They are very laid back, and society in Australia differs hugely from society in America etc.
Terrorism and war are not just about loss of life. Terrorism on Australian soil for me would be more of an emotional issue than a statistical issue of XX number of dead.

2005-05-12, 15:11
i am not denying it is a problem or that we should not defend ourselves
but on the bigger picture is where we need to look
or get out of other businesses

we have been screwing with these people for a long time
i would be pissed to if it were me
we are all guilty but the pride is too high

i think we have suffered enough

i think it is our own inhumanity to humanity is the poblem

and $ for who will it be statistical and for who emotional
i know i will feel sad because of it but is that not expecting it to happen?

and a lot of australian are in constant stress over the small things in life
even though we make less fuss than Americans
that is my opinion living in the largest polulated areas of Australia for quite some time and knowing everyday people
i enjoy communication and know lots of people around me

slx - historically wars have been won and written by the same people
the other opinions have been seen as propaganda
war is unknowing
even the hate apart from the knowing that it is there
but even that is a drive which we do not stop to reflect apon

see if i were to die and we are the problem they say we are then i guess they are the ones who continue to suffer
suicide bombers?????
we could go into this

let them fight wars
if we do not then there will be no wars for long

if we do not obey then they will have to send in the big guns
nukes n such
now where are we going to escape to
escape is not possible

2005-05-13, 02:39
i think we have suffered enough

what do you mean......i don't get it

2005-05-13, 08:30
Are mass Crisis situations necessary for intellectual development of the humankind?

Everyone is just struggling to keep up with the times, man.

2005-05-13, 16:15
bigger question what is intellect?
i would say knowledge of the world
intellegence is knowing how to move my hand but it is never a process
when can it have began?
when did i make the desicion
most people do not see the implications because blindness is a common idea of the world
life is the same
but they are all seen as process most of the time

and ask urself is it interesting?
that need be the only requirement for learning anything
not will it get me anywhere unless it is another interest or basic survival tool
but some of that comes naturally

slx i belive we have done some very wrong thing in the past and a lot of people are still very pissed so we fight them and destroy them in every way shape and form
and the people around them
we all have the same grudge
just varying intensities

just do not expect ego to ever dissapear
it too has no begining no end
no one is trying to get into the present
they are too busy looking back and forward and around them
looking for something that never comes
and our society is one of the biggest culprits
the society we choose to be a part of
no matter what difficulties
i think that enough people with a good intention will get anything done

we need the pain to get through
but to see that it always exists is where it lies
it is the stuggle letting everyone else see it
even the greatest have fallen trying
many more will fall i suspect
i hope to be the last
though - was there ever a first? haha

2005-05-15, 12:50
I was reading today that since 9/11 there has been a sudden increase in birth rates, which is explained by the fact then when crisis situations happen, people tend to have more sex as it is soothing and gives people a sense of connection with someone else during times they are feeling negatively affected by tragedy.

2005-05-16, 04:28
I had no sex drive or appetite right after 9/11. Maybe the birth rate increased because people decided that their trivial issues and concerns could be discarded for a more meaningful outlook on life. People stopped procrastinating and got closer to the people they liked, and cut off the bullshit out of their lives and dropped their bullshit friends. After 9/11 my sister stopped being friends with some flaky girl that she knew for the last 25 years. There were losses and there were gains. The wheat was separated from the chaff. People learned to find the humanity in others and even for a day or two, New Yorkers were polite and friendly to each other.

There are many days of the week where I get a feeling that there will be a terrorist attack that day. I'm always looking for clues in the news, the dates, and the weather. Every time there is a plane flying in an unusual location I am aware of it. I am aware when the FBI is flying its quiet surveillance plane around in Brooklyn too, keeping an eye on suspected terrorists. I am totally aware of what is going on in my surroundings so that I immediately notice anything out of place, such as a small noise. It helps that I am wired on caffeine most of the time. I expect that a terrorist attack would be most likely to occur on a weekday between 08:00 and 10:00. A lot of days when I look at the clock and it is 08:46 I think of the first plane hitting the first tower, which I actually heard on 9/11 because I was two miles away.

The idea of a terrorist attack excites me and makes going to work in Manhattan seem fun and adventurous.


2005-05-17, 09:37
It's important to be aware of your surroundings. Sometimes it can be a bit obsessive though.

When i walk into a public place, my first instinct is to scan the room for all surveilance starting with camera devices and security personel.
I learned this habbit because when i was younger i was quite a thief, and often stole from stores and other places. At Christmas i would steal the decorations off the Christmas Trees at Banks. That is why my Christmas tree looks great every year.
I learnt quickly to analyze a room for security and play innocent when things appeared missing. I don't steal anymore, i grew out of it a long time ago, but my habbit for seeking out security as soon as i walk into a room has remained with me.

2005-05-17, 11:11
I used to steal a lot of candy from stores when I was around 8 years old. That is because my frugal parents never bought any candy or goodies in the house, and gave me only $.25 a week as my personal spending money. I went to the same store and got away with it dozens of times. The way I did it was I would go in daily and ask if they had a certain type of candy that I knew they didn't have. And then I would go to check to the candy aisle to see if they had it in yet, and while there I would load the candy into my hat. Most kids put the candy in their pocket when stealing, so the hat thing was innovative. There were no cameras and security back in the good old days.

Living in such a police state with security and cameras, people are forced to become more honest but real honesty actually is lacking, because it is not voluntary. I think people are so used to a police state to force them to be honest, than any time something is left unlocked it is to them begging to be taken and is not their fault for doing so.

2005-05-18, 02:10
I would take 2 small candies, one in my left hand and one in my right. At the cash register I would put one of the candies on the counter, They would tell me how much it cost then I'd put my other hand into my pocket, leave the stolen candy there and then pull enough money out of the same pocket to pay for the candie I'd placed on the counter.

It was wrong what I did~~~~~ but I never got caught and figured out that just because I can do something don't mean It's right.

I also was starting to think a bit about probabilities.

2005-05-18, 08:37
thing is many shopkeepers feel the same thing
no honesty is our there
noone trusts anyone
that seems to be ok
it is hard
but at times it is beside the point

if only it did not matter so much to us

2005-05-18, 09:54
no honesty is our there
noone trusts anyone

that's quite an assumption

2005-05-18, 11:36
that's quite an assumption

but true at least as applied here to this forum and to me. Trusted to do what it seems you may ask but is never answered by the one who continually makes such vague declaration. If I had to finish his sentence I'd do it like this:

you can't be trusted to not edit and delete your posts.

Now is that as menacing sounded as the vague and non specific

'you can't be trusted'?

no, it isn't but that's all he means.

2005-05-20, 04:25

2005-05-20, 17:26
well it is true
doors need to be locked
a bike outside a shop is not as safe as it used to be
is it that there are mor e thieves because of more people?
or are people becoming more inclined to steal and cheat

im not assuming
im generalising
i say everybody i mean usually or very often

just looking at what i see

Badfish thats good
find out for urself one day if u do not understand me
if not whats the big deal?

2006-01-11, 11:11
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2006-01-12, 02:24

2006-05-11, 12:11
Allah is the greatest

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