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View Full Version : better than sex

2004-02-21, 05:31
To me something that feels even better than sex is when you are very tired, and you finally get to lie down in bed after a tiring week, knowing that you can finally rest and sleep as late as you want. I tend to get that on Fridays when I am really tired from the lack of sleep during the work week.

2004-02-22, 10:41
when u really need to piss... and ur squeezing your thighs as tighly as u can, praying to every god that u dont RELEASE your bladder... and ur running to a toilet... and then u see the toilet... thats the begining of the orgasm... u hitch up your skirt, pull ur undies does and piss like u have never pissed before... thats the height of the orgasm... and when ur bladder is empty, and the sun has come out from behind the clouds again... is that euphoric feeling u have after a really good orgasm.

2004-02-22, 16:06
Sex, when done properly, is both dirty and violent.

2004-02-22, 17:25
Originally posted by wishful thinking
call me naieve(spelling)...tell me I need to grow up..and get real...


dude....grow up

2004-02-22, 21:12
jc's jc

he comes, he goes

a freebird

2004-02-22, 23:01
let me get this straigh harb... periods and implying that a woman has a naturally functioning bladder are disgusting to you... yet going off in your own little line, talking about shit staind cocks in a woman's mouth and pissing porn girls and giving instructions on how a woman should wipe her pussy to not get infections are all oki doke? haha :D i love it :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:

2004-02-22, 23:44
yeah? why's that? :beer: :eatout:

2004-02-23, 00:49
Originally posted by eclectica
Sex, when done properly, is both dirty and violent.

so now not only do i have to explaiin to the maid...

but the coppers too?

i don think so~

2004-02-23, 04:15
you created 'the standard'

I offered feedback comparing your written thoughts, not criticism. Nowhere did i mention your post wasn't friendly or helpful or whatever? that is just 'criticism' you created on your own. :beer:

2004-02-23, 04:34
how did i feel when i first read ur post? actually i thought it was kinda pathetic that you found the notion that a woman has a bladder disgusting, and then went on to post how u like a good fuck film like every other horny animal. It's like you saying you like a woman to spread her legs, cook u dinner and put on a show, as long as she doesn't take a shit, pick her nose or fart. I was more amused than anything.

It's like not believing in eating animals... lamb, cow, chicken... but enjoying carving up a human once every full moon :beer: :eatout: :eatout: :eatout:

btw harb... have u seen a bleeding pussy? it's not that bad. I have squatted over a mirror to take a look... it's actually not that 'disgusting' at all... just a bit of red against the pink contrast.

Keep it clean, and it aint that mean. :eatout:

2004-02-23, 12:37
Dollar_Girl, all this talk about your pussy got me really turned on and I went and masturbated an hour ago. I don't know if you find it disgusting or not, but I hope that you are flattered to know that I was thinking of you while masturbating.

2004-02-23, 21:36
Well then, let me return the favour... give me 5 minutes :eatout:

2004-02-24, 01:21
Hey 'lurkie, u still got gizz for me?


2004-02-24, 03:36

2004-03-25, 00:20
saliva kills aids
thought i might tell ya man ( and its dosent all come at orgasm it can closer to the end as well :p )
who told u it didnt?
saliva kills many things
but ass 2 mouth is just bad taste :p

all this masturbating you people are doing starting to desturb me lmao

2004-07-04, 13:54
some guy at the isolation back many life times ago when i used to frequent that forum, told me that urine was sterile... i didn't know that. I think his name was anwar or something. My memory comes and goes in my old age. :zap: :coward:

2004-07-04, 23:16
you are unworthy of the friendship of a dog, letalone a human being, humpty.

2004-07-05, 03:30
peace dudes
filthy fuckers ;)

2004-07-05, 13:54
you are welcome to your opinion..but your insults mean NOTHING without substantiation...where o death is thy sting? where O katarina is thine reasoning?

Explain why you feel this way...otherwise I won't understand..you keep giving all these insults without corroberrating and supporting your 'conclusions' (insults)

Its fine for you to say that...but why? what behooves you to say such a thing?

Make me understand it.

Humpty, you are about as self-aware as a braindead baboon.

I could rub ur dopey face in shit, and u will walk around all day, licking it off, thinking it is fudge.

2004-07-06, 01:57
because I choose not to return it doesn't make me a fool or an idiot...just shows my maturity.

Now please an explanation for your 'abuse' of me? It needs explaining...do it.

another example of you being "self-aware" idiot, is the fact that ur calling ur self mature for not returning 'abuse' while having "Dollar girl you fat lying bitch" under your avatar! Like i said girlfriend... ur self-aware *wink*... just keep licking the fudge off...

are you trying to compare your "victimisation" to the treatment of the black man throughout history? I said ur unworthy of the friendship of a dog, and most definantly unworthy to use such comparisons to somehow upscale your own pitty factor. Use n abuse humpty, make it your motto!

2004-07-06, 01:59
why would you want to rub my face in shit? explain your reasoning...notice the continual perpetuation of insults: "braindead baboon", using lack of selfawareness as an insult, then saying you want to rub my face in shit...all while avoiding the real issue of why all the insults, katarina?

i didn't call u a braindead baboon, i compared u to one.

I've already answered your question humpty... and it has EVERYTIHNG to do with your self-awarness.


2004-07-06, 03:01
Look at you..once again using words like "idiot" to insult me and at least a few "clever" insinuations. No I'm not comparing the verbal or rather written abuse that I am the recipient of now at your hands to the suffering of the black man.

I was mocking you for you once used that same analogy in another thread on the RealUnderground to someone else...it sounded good so I thought I'd turn it around back on you.

Now go here (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/showpost.php?p=5903&postcount=52) Hi light the hidden text underneath "Damn you're a FAT bitch!"

Notice how well I know you.

Now answer the question...why are you insulting me Katarina? What was I did to you that was so awful it cannot be mentioned by you?

The issue is you are insulting me WITHOUT CAUSE. That's the issue..it makes absolutely zero sense to me why you would expend so much time, effort and energy into insulting me.

To save you the bother of replying back, "Dude, its not bother really. I enjoy it..and it doesn't take that much effort."

I've done it for you. If you are too much of a dipshit to go back to this post (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/showpost.php?p=5903&postcount=52) and highlight the hidden text underneath "Damn You're a FAT bitch!"

I will be glad to post a screenshot for you of the hidden message.

Nicobie wants to know why I bother..its because I feel you insult me without cause..if you have some cause to do so...by all means NAME the offenses for which you are insulting me for.

If not at least have the decency to own up to what Nicobie says and admit that you 'dislike me'...but then again it begs the question Why

you're so lame, where am i CONCENTRATING on the fact that u called me a 'fat bitch'? i merely pointed out that it looks really stupid that u call urself mature for 'not spitting' on me, but under yoru avatar u have called me a "bitch". I didn't even make a comment towards what u wrote under the photo! yeah... u know me so well shitstain! AHAHHAHAHAHHAHA

2004-07-06, 03:03
I haven't attempted to explain it...so go ahead...explain yourself..we're waiting.

humpty... i dont think "we're" waiting... i think YOU'RE waiting... because ur not self-aware.

2004-07-06, 03:17
humpty, u dont have to remove anything from your avatar, i'll feel just as content with ur hypocracy under your avatar or in your posts! Same thing sista.

and those 'remarks' are not insulting, because well... for some reason i dont feel insulted. You tried, u failed, so u resorted to the "you must be in love with me" tactic lol. You're so standard and compliant that u make my joints ache from laughter. Good going humpty, you are CHARACTER indeed... get it? character? AHAHAH! bless ur shrivelled heart.

2004-07-07, 21:54
being a fat bitch would be better than being a thin bitch... well... from the point of view of the old in out... all women are bitches anyway... i don't know why it is regarded as an insult... it's like saying a bloke is a wanker... u get some blokes who claim not to not need masturbation because they get enough sex anyway... but this answer merely serves as the ultimate example as to why they are a wanker hahahha... i love english, it's so confusing =D