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View Full Version : who killed Christ?

2004-02-21, 16:38
Mel Gibson has a new film out, called The passion of the Christ, due to be released on Ash Wednesday February 25. He has come under attack for the film being anti-Jewish. Is he being historically accurate or is he anti-Jewish? The film has generated a lot of controversy and is rated R for its violence. Here is an article about the movie.

2004-02-22, 15:30
the bible has contradictory passages in it. i believe one or 2 gospels allude to a jewish influence on the decision while the rest do not.

gibson should make (and has made) the version of the passion play that he feels in his heart is "true," like any artist should. incidentally, gibson's father believes the holocaust never happened, and gibson has never repudiated his fathers' claims.

regardless, this is not germany. gibson could self-finance a film coparing jews to rats like the 1930s propaganda piece "the eternal jew" and it would not be illegal. he has the right to make whatever art he likes. theaters have the right to display it if they like. and jews have the right to speak out against it.

it's not until i hear people say "stuff like this shouldn't be allowed to be made" that i get worried.

2004-02-22, 23:08
tho movie hype is late to hit australia...

i did see an interview with jewish actors in the movie, who themselves claim it not to be anti-jew

a fav line from an ole film based in 40's

Christian boy "you jews killed christ!"

Jewish boy "ay, we were too busy fucking your mother!"

well i liked it :beer:

2004-02-26, 12:12
if the christian say they did it well maybe they did
they told the romans and they did it right?
they dont believe in it so dont go see if it offends ya
u know what i think about the bible
but christianity and jewism are so close its not funny
christians are just a lot lazier and dont really know what the fuck they are talking about
assorted ask a christian to justify the contradictions and they will give u nothing or faith believe crap
that can include a lot of beliefs if it all ya need
if its a good movie it might be ok though
mel gibson is a fucking good actor
cant complain at that