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2004-02-22, 23:20
Carnivore - Jesus Hitler (http://www.p2pjihad.org/eclectica/Carnivore - Jesus Hitler.mp3) (6,373,877 bytes, 160 kbps mp3)

Jesus Hitler
Adolf Christ
Is this the second coming
or the fourth Reich?

His mother a nun raped by a nazi
near the end of the second great war
gave birth to a son who could change the future
for better or worse hes not sure
I am what should never have been
the ultimate abomination
Have I returned to save the Jews
or to destroy them?

Hear thee my fellow nazolics
come join the Neotheofacists
keep der race pure practice eugenics
and swear to the holy swazafix

I have returned
Reich und Roll!

Hess to my left and Peter on my right
will it be war or peace
totalitarian on his throne of blood
commands both man and beast
a pair of souls trapped in the body of one
both prisoners of reincarnation
torn between good and evil
I have returned for salvae-elimination

2004-02-23, 00:26
ah yes, carnivore.

i once saw them at l'amours brooklyn. the lead singer did a heil hitler over a pro-apartheid symbol placed where the stars should have been on the american flag.

he went on to do type o negative

2004-02-23, 23:37
Originally posted by wishful thinking
what the fuck...did you? just say.:beer: <--this is no excuse!

i said what i said. i assume eclectica knows them cuz he's from brooklyn as well. i wonder if we were at the same concerts back in the day?

2004-02-23, 23:42
I never went to any of their concerts. I disovered them because I iked the music of type o negative, and by doing research tried to buy their related albums. I actually lived in Nassau county, Long Island when I discovered them in 1993. I've never been a concert goer, but I buy CDs of bands I like instead.

2004-02-24, 18:19


A Wilcox (my last name) helped make that site.

2004-02-25, 18:08
thats funny
CIA scans that site
lucky u can't get in trouble for reading
ive got a german flag as my background (and german crap everywhere) theyd flip
but im no nazi so its all good lol
i like to read up more i dont know everything about it yet