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View Full Version : d/ling movies

2004-02-26, 20:15
we r going to get cable soon and wanted to start d/ling movies. Only movie file i have d/led is bad quality porn, so i dont know where to start. I was just wondering what program you all recommend when it comes to d/l fairly good quality dvd movies?

computers confuse me :eatout:

2004-02-27, 10:34
I have no experience about which p2p networks are best for films, but from a quick search it seems that the FastTrack network is good. You could connect to that network with the program KCeasy (http://www.kceasy.com/), rather than with Kazaa Lite. I was not comfortable with KCeasy, because it is still in development. You could also try eMule (http://emule-project.net/), using the ED2K network. eMule contains no adware, but Overnet (http://www.overnet.com/) does.

Any program which allows multisourcing is what you would want. The reason so is that people upload slower than they download typically with their bandwidth, so if you download a file from many sources it will be ready in a few hours.

2004-02-28, 03:10
bittorrent (http://bitconjurer.org/BitTorrent/) and suprnova (http://www.suprnova.org) is all you need for happy movie downloading forever.

nothing else compares.

2004-02-28, 08:19
thank u my sweet little pixies. I will reward u all in the after life :eatout:

2004-02-28, 13:37
All the things like eMule/eDonkey/Overnet and Bittorrent have been covered. IRC is a great way to download too. 1 thing missing is newsgroups. Australian isp's have them and you can download directly from their server. Here's a search engine for them. http://www.nfonews.com/Cat.asp?c_id=9


2004-02-28, 16:42
about time :p
i mean australia has been slow getting cable
i want t3 but how much it would cost i dont think i want to know
if i can get it that is
im going to dream for now and sit back on a gig and a bit a day not complain like i used to lol

2004-03-02, 13:40
dude ive found kazaa to be only good for extremely popular music
like rammstein though i have all thier cd's so i dont need to dl
as well as music video clips
movies its bit torrent and the endokey network
which i cant seem to use right now
tell me im firewall with ports open
just stopped working the other day
ill be looking for a 3rd gen app
there are few claiming to be 3rd gen but we are still in the second age of filesharing
they havent added better anything
just been fixing bugs
they need to make a new freenet and give each person a site
files shared are listed on a site
its either a basic site or designers can add and make a nice page
say releasers
just a couple thoughts

2004-03-03, 00:53
I thought "3rd generation p2p" was the DRM stuff that iTunes and Napster is selling now.

According to this site (http://students.cup.edu/wil5775/P2P_File_Sharing_Generations.html), first generation was centralized (the original Napster), second generation was decentralized with only one type of node, and third generation is a mixture, having both nodes and supernodes. But that's only one site's definition. Based on their definition though I don't think there is too much of a difference between second generation and third generation. The only difference is that there are three tiers of one's function in the network, instead of just two. Actually it's wrong to call the decentralized system with nodes as being truly "decentralized", because of the fact that people are not all equal in the network, due to the existence of nodes. Only if everybody had the same bandwidth, the same ping, the same shares, and no nodes, would it be truly decentralized. The terms are all relative rather than black and white, and there will always be varying degrees of centralization and decentralization.

2004-03-13, 13:09
theres nothing P2P about a music site that u can only dl from
can u upload inside new napster and itunes?
is it free?
that is not P2P
nothing moves from peer to peer
i think people have forgotten the meaning and just use it to group all download programs
i could call freenet a peer through peer to peer (simplified)
next gen is when security is good and they take a new form

2004-03-14, 04:29
Originally posted by Criminal_Sniper
theres nothing P2P about a music site that u can only dl from
Those pay sites could never replace p2p from a definition standpoint, because the downloads are coming from a centralized server rather than from another peer.

2004-03-15, 17:02
and the lack of actual written ownership means we can loose it and have to rebuy it
same if its stolen
would the police arrest someone for stealing one of my CD's?
they would fucking laugh
this world is a big amusingly creepy joke

The Passion
2004-03-27, 11:53
mIRC, with the help of www.packetnews.com

use www.nforce.nl to see what has been ripped/released then search for the movie name and the release group name on packetnews.

I can normally pull bots that give me between 50-300k a second.