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View Full Version : whatChoo LiStEnInG ToO?

2004-02-29, 03:49
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-03-03, 19:14
The presentation of Dream On by Aerosmith at the 2004 Superbowl pre-game show was the closest thing to Hell on Earth that any one thing in this world can be... That man [Steven Tyler] needs to reconize his limits (and his age + vocal "talent") and just fade away from public eye and allow his daughter (yummy) take the spotlight.... However, I do believe the song, when originally recorded, was incredible, probably the best song that they had put out, besides Don't Wanna Miss A Thing...

Anywho, back to topic, I'm listening to:

Dashboard Confessionals - As Lovers Go

There are apparently going on the Civic Tour [Sponsored by Honda] and coming to The Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland, Maine this coming April, I hope to score some tickets for that show.

Oh, and while we are discussing music, I want to tell the judges for the Grammy's that they fucking SUCK. Everyone that won is a piece of shit...Yes, even Metallica (only because of their new album which sounds horrible no matter how hard I try to like it).

2004-03-03, 23:24
Originally posted by Beejus
I want to tell the judges for the Grammy's that they fucking SUCK. Everyone that won is a piece of shit...Yes, even Metallica (only because of their new album which sounds horrible no matter how hard I try to like it).
The National Academy/Association of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS) is responsible for the Grammy awards. They have the same positions as the RIAA on many issues. You could think of NARAS as "RIAA Lite". The Grammy awards are just a way for the big record companies to reward, praise, and applaud themselves.

See this thread (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=303) for related discussion.

2004-03-04, 01:04
I'm listening to DJ Dangermouse - The Grey Album (http://www.illegal-art.org/audio/grey.html). I burned the mp3s to an audio CD and am playing it on the stereo.

My wife turned off the stereo and she is watching TV now.

2004-03-04, 02:08
Originally posted by wishful thinking
currently listening to Alicia-Keyes-If-I-Ain't-Got-You (http://www.p2pjihad.org/harby/Alicia Keyes-If I Aint Got You.mp3)
What a waste of bandwidth. You already have a reputation for lameness which has persisted, despite the name change from harby and the fresh look you try to have with your daily avatar. This isn't good for you. It was pretty easy for me to hear that the song you posted was poor quality. Even though your file was 128 kbps, it sounds like it was originally lower, like around 32 and then converted to a higher bitrate. On top of that you don't even have the complete song. I wonder how many of the mp3s in your collection are also of that quality, and if you're aware of it?

Here's a good version of the song:
Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You.mp3 (http://www.p2pjihad.org/eclectica/Alicia Keys - If I Ain%27t Got You.mp3) (5,490,856 bytes)

I don't like Alicia Keys, because she is like a little girl and does not have depth of character. She tries to come across as classy and sophisticated by playing the piano, but she lacks substance. A real woman like Angie Stone is someone that I like.

2004-03-04, 02:14
Originally posted by wishful thinking
isn't it logical to assume u now own the copyright for these mp3's
Sounds good to me

maybe I'll sue the record companies for stealing my CD every time they sell a copy of the Beatles White Album.

2004-03-04, 02:47
Originally posted by wishful thinking
i'll have you know i taped a short video segment off of Live with Regis and Kelly maybe two days ago where they had Alicia as the featured artist for the day...i used Virtual Dub to capture it as an avi file..then Goldwav to extract and save that mp3..i was proud of myself for exhibiting ingenuity and happy to share what i thought was unique and original content...i'm sorry you didn't like it.
Okay, you got me; I thought it was a bad studio version

But you're still

I've heard rumors that L.A.M.E. is changing it's name to "harby":
harby ain't an mp3 encoder; he's lame
harby is lame; not an mp3 encoder
harby encodes mp3s but he is still lame
all harby and no mp3s makes tim a lame boy

2004-03-04, 03:13
Originally posted by wishful thinking
let's talk about what i perceive as ur jealousy of me...i've noticed it since day one...you are jealous of my POPULARITY wherever i am
It's natural, for I am only human, that I will be jealous of you. I myself try really hard to be popular, but with you, it just comes easily and naturally. You know how some people are just naturally good looking or naturally smart, and others have to work really hard at it? It isn't fair, but it seems life is often unfair like that.

2004-03-04, 04:39
Originally posted by wishful thinking
i have a fetish for this girl maybe i could have said that a little more politely..but i think she's highly talent, very beatiful, she is sophisitcated, well travelled, with amazing voice.
Is she classy, clean, and pure, and/or do you lust after her and think of her sexually? I am curious to see what your favorite pictures of her are.

2004-03-04, 17:18
Originally posted by wishful thinking

[u getting these from soulseek?]

Is there any other way? :P *yes, there are, but I really enjoy slsk

High quality rips of mp3's is the only way to go...

I don't accept anything under 192kbps, err, I mean, I only rip tracks from the CD I purchased at 192kbps... accept? lol, how did that word get in there :D

2004-03-05, 00:44
If u are not cfb, cut out the wackie caps.

If u are hiya.

2004-03-05, 20:35
Deep Forest - Sweet Lullaby (Round the World mix).mp3 (http://www.p2pjihad.org/eclectica/Deep%20Forest%20-%2011%20-%20Sweet%20Lullaby%20(Round%20the%20World%20mix).mp3) (8,175,282 bytes)

http://www.tatom.org/images/DisturbedTroll.gif <-- getting jiggy with it

2004-03-06, 01:15
New Found Glory - My Heart Will Go On (Cover)

I'm actually listening to the From The Screen To Your Stereo album from New Found Glory... even though they are pop-punk, I like these little EP:beer:

2004-03-06, 01:21
Update! I got a date!! w00t, fuck music...I'm goin out ladies and gents... good night :angel: :D :beer: :bluefish: :eatout: :P :beer: :beer: :beer:

2004-03-06, 15:32
Thank you for the pre-game congrats, and the well wishings...

Everything went good...but now I must wake myself up and get my ass to work....

...and with that note:

Rage Against The Machine - Wake Up

2004-03-06, 19:26
I like that little forum signature script that a few people use that displays automatically what they are listening to... I'll have to try to find that for myself... ( I know some forums have the option to enter it in a box and then it will appear, but I'm talking a picture signature that displays like a little Winamp icon and it shows what they are listening to...I don't know if that makes sense or not to you, but it did to me)

I'm compiling an mp3 list too to put up on beej-world to make some of you freaks jealous :-D I would appreciate it if anyone else wanted to do that as well because I like seeing what people got for tunes and it's always a good way to help eachother find stuff that you are looking for...

As for the tune, I'm listening to:

Deftones - Bored

2004-03-06, 20:52
Here is my mp3 list:

The "now playing" item on forums is a hack that I would have to install. Here is one that works automatically with a Winamp 3 plugin:
Here is one in which the users would have to manually type in what they are listening to:

It upsets me a little to read the thread (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=32587) at vbulletin.org and then as I scroll down the posts, to see a familiar name.

2004-03-07, 05:38
Originally posted by wishful thinking
good thoughts, beej...i'm enjoying getting to know u. :)

Just don't randomly appear in my room breathing heavily over me ;) remember, I'm a minor...

woow, this typing shit is hard... I'm just a newbei drinker thogh I can't really remeber what I drank but wo well, it was fun anyway...lol

I'm listening to

Garth Brooks - Freinds in low places becasue it's a sdgood drinkin toune! and we got a little party going, and yes, they are calling me a loser cuz I'm using the intarweb, but oh well, can't help my roots :-P... you guys take it assy

2004-03-07, 12:49
i went to a George concert the other day... promoting their new album (mm'kay, we are talking about a fab brisbane band here) ... i am still listening to their old album.

You know, their supporting act was equally as good... the polaroids... u gotta love a man dressed in a purple satin top and tight red pants singing "i want to execute your boyfriend". oh... and the guitarist was fuckworthy :beer:

anyway... George - Breathe in Now

her voice sounds flawless when she sings live... naturally beautiful :eatout:

2004-03-08, 12:45
I'm still working on formatting my mp3's to make my list more organized, here's just a little exerpt from what I got done already..... my entire list will eventually look like this format....

My Weezer Collection in 192kbps

** D:\Audio\Music\Rock\Weezer\Maladroit

01 - American Gigolo.mp3
02 - Dope Nose.mp3
03 - Keep Fishin'.mp3
04 - Take Control.mp3
05 - Death and Destruction.mp3
06 - Slob.mp3
07 - Burndt Jamb.mp3
08 - Space Rock.mp3
09 - Slave.mp3
10 - Fall Together.mp3
11 - Possibilities.mp3
12 - Love Explosion.mp3
13 - December.mp3
14 - Living Without You.mp3
15 - Island in the Sun.mp3

** D:\Audio\Music\Rock\Weezer\Pinkerton

01 - Tired Of Sex.mp3
02 - Getchoo.mp3
03 - No Other One.mp3
04 - Why Bother.mp3
05 - Across The Sea.mp3
06 - The Good Life.mp3
07 - El Scorcho.mp3
08 - Pink Triangle.mp3
09 - Falling For You.mp3
10 - Butterfly.mp3

** D:\Audio\Music\Rock\Weezer\The Green Album

01 - Don't Let Go.mp3
02 - Photograph.mp3
03 - Hash Pipe.mp3
04 - Island In The Sun.mp3
05 - Crab.mp3
06 - Knock Down Drag Out.mp3
07 - Smile.mp3
08 - Simple Pages.mp3
09 - Glorious Day.mp3
10 - O Girlfriend.mp3

** D:\Audio\Music\Rock\Weezer\Weezer

01 - My Name Is Jonas.mp3
02 - No One Else.mp3
03 - The World Has Turned And Left.mp3
04 - Buddy Holly.mp3
05 - Undone - The Sweater Song.mp3
06 - Surf Wax America.mp3
07 - Say It Ain't So.mp3
08 - In The Garage.mp3
09 - Holiday.mp3
10 - Only In Dreams.mp3


Right now I'm listening to (while organizing some more folders): Tool - ∆nema

2004-03-10, 01:34
I'm listening to Van Halen - Dreams because Van Halen is the best at bringing up my mood...

2004-03-11, 02:54
im listening to Muse Time is running out but an acoustic version
its awesome
i learnt to play it from this version (bass guitar)

and harby i love martial arts ive studied several :)
Jackie Chan - drunken master 2
i dont need to say anymore
unless u havent seen it - GET IT NOW!!

2004-03-12, 00:25
martial arts is for defence
it'slegal and morally correct to defend urself?
and why didnt my song go up
someone PM me and show me how? :)

2004-03-12, 09:39
Originally posted by Criminal_Sniper
and why didnt my song go up
someone PM me and show me how?
It must be that time of the month if you are looking for PMs.

A few songs mentioned in this thread had downloadable links. Are you trying to get a downloadable link to your song?

2004-03-13, 12:13
yeah pretty much it
its not on any cd so they cant sue me for lost sales ;)
my next song im on now is Un Sandpiper by Kyuss
stoner rock at its best
if ya like QOTSA and dont know these guys dont hold back

no pms no
no probs

2004-03-14, 07:52
Sting - When The Angels Fall.mp3 (http://www.p2pjihad.org/eclectica/Sting - The Soul Cages - When The Angels Fall.mp3) (11,248,534 bytes)

2004-03-17, 11:29
i only have their coppied cd's... but d/l George - Breathe in now

2004-03-20, 13:47
svbway to sally - kleiner schwester
i truely love this song
this band is something different
2nd favourite is falsche heiland

2004-03-22, 20:54
Phantom Planet -Anthem

Nice little tune for yall

2004-03-23, 04:51
im listenen 2 A Perfect Circle - Weak And Powerless
just finished now its Tool - Opiate
both very beautiful and well though out songz

choices always were a problem for u
what u need is someone strong to guide you
(song that rips off christianity
not on the surface but u gotta think

maynard is the singer of both bands
progressive metal at its finest
and singing for that matter at its finest

2004-03-24, 04:12
yahweh if ur jewish
allah if ur muslim
god in christianity because his name is supposed to be unpronounacable to humans limited speech
i bet its hungarian

2004-03-24, 04:17
though id add this about jewdaism
one kosher thing can be fish without scales
they say they cant eat scales at all but they can eat shark

text i found
Placoid scales are found in sharks and rays, and can vary greatly in external appearance. They do not increase in size as the fish grows, instead new scales are added. Placoid scales are often referred to as denticles.

Placoid scales consist of a flattened rectangular base plate which is embedded in the fish, and variously developed structures, such as spines, which project posteriorly on the surface. The spines give many species a rough texture. There are large differences in the development of these spines between different species (see the Shark Scale Brain Teaser and Manta Ray scales).

Placoid scales are composed of a vascular (supplied with blood) inner core of pulp, a middle layer of dentine and a hard enamel-like outer layer of vitrodentine. (Leave the Australian Museum fish site to learn more about dentine and vitrodentine.)

its funny that what people dont know cant hurt them
one day im going to make a list of all this shit

2004-04-14, 20:54
listening to Lamb Of God - Ruin
now these guys are Gods of hardcore
if ur into fast heavy guitars heart pounding double bass and drums and ear shattering vocals well these guys are the masters
ive got all thier shit its blowing me away every day just a little more
i dont think theres any band that has this kind of effect on me bar
fear factory
killswitch engage
and schweisser

these guys are awesome
they have perfect timing
they are a metal band that trys as fast they cant
they try as fast as they CAN
they dont sound unorganised when they are hitting my kind of speeds 16 notes a second and such

2004-04-29, 20:50
The last few days I've had this Tracy Chapman in my head, ever since some guy was playing it on the subway. He was playing it with acoustic guitar, which is not prominent in the original. Also he was strumming the chords faster.

Tracy Chapman - Baby Can I Hold You.mp3 (http://www.p2pjihad.org/eclectica/Tracy Chapman - Baby Can I Hold You.mp3) (3,884,408 bytes)

2004-04-30, 00:41
A Perfect Circle - The Outsider

This song means a lot to me
Tim understands why
its like that horoscope it explains me so well

i know a lot of people have favourite song which they say fits them very nicely
this song is almost as if id written it after the fact
thats very creepy to me

2004-04-30, 00:46
i like chapman's voice... sometimes it is like she is unisex... sometimes u think u hear a man singing then u hear this beautiful female voice. Chameleon.

2004-04-30, 00:52
i have been listening to alot of Elvis and Tori Amos recently... also i am liking basement jaxx - good luck, because it makes me breathe in deeper and makes me feel like i can kick arse u know.

There is nothing Sexier than a black woman singing from her soul, giving it all she got.

It's this part of Elvis's 'are you lonesome tonight' that gets to me :

But I'd rather go on hearing your lies
Than go on living without you.

coz that's how i sort of feel now... weak and scared to break free... and then feeling crap for not being stronger and more true to myself.

alanis morisette : "you live, you learn".

2004-04-30, 02:21
if only u lot understood German
im listening to a great band called Schock
there are lind of hard rock alternative and a little industrial
something very beautifull about this band

best songs:
Ein Letztes mal,
Euer Krieg,
Gute Nacht,
Mein Herz,(my heart) (best overall i think)
Tanz(means dance),
Tief in Mir (deep(ly) in me), oooh Tiefer Tiefer aw sag es laut bitch
Ware Fleisch und
Wer bin Ich? (Who am I?)

2004-04-30, 02:23
my friend who lives in Aachen sent me a cd i requested a while ago of Nena lol ... the song about 99 hotair baloons floating towards the horizon or whatever hehehehhe. i like to dance to that in my underwear. makes me feel feminine hahaha. may the gods help me

2004-04-30, 02:47
my friend who lives in Aachen sent me a cd i requested a while ago of Nena lol ... the song about 99 hotair baloons floating towards the horizon or whatever hehehehhe. i like to dance to that in my underwear. makes me feel feminine hahaha. may the gods help me

yes, thanks for sharing that with us, i'm now trying to imagine Herman Melville's most famous creation dancing in underwear.

2004-05-01, 22:40
my friend and i were drinking a few nights ago with some chicks and this babe started dancing in her underwear
cant complain

just listened to Slipknot - Duality
and now its Aria - Ne Zochesh', Ne Ver Mne (oldschool russian metal between metallica and pantera)
next - Aria - Tvoi Novij Mir
andthen - Fear factory - Live in melbourne 2001 full concert

2004-05-10, 11:07
Mek doesn't make you feel like shit..you just make yourself feel that way.
I like the sound of that because it totally blames her for any type of abuse she receives.

2004-05-10, 14:36
why is her abuse any more important or special than that which i receive from her? it isn't..there is no difference.

you speak present tense... i havn't pm'd you, talked to u in fucking aeons. Obviously despite helping your moods, your meds fail to cease the voices in your head. I'm sick of being nice to u, i'm fucken sick of being nice to ppl that are so obviously shitheads, wether it is you, or ppl i could physically boot in the genitals. Wether in physical life or internet, i shouldn't have to be guilted into being nice to anyone, because if it is 'niceness' taht has to be guiled out, it means that it is undeserving by the recipient. I have a good heart, i am loving, caring, loyal, patient but you are self obsessed and i think you will only have sound relationships with ANYONE when you stop putting your own gain and selfishness first. two people in love often say to one another "you complete me" ... you will never have a loving caring relationship untill you realise, as an american would say, that you are NOT "a bag of potato chips AND a mars bar", you seem to think you are fully complete with an extra clone poking out of your arse, and people are here purely for your entertainment, amusement or gain. Everyone has always been nothing more than carriers of things u steal or use, to make your own fortune grow, to fuel your ego, to falsely boost your intelligence.

I'm having a bad week, and extremely bad day, and though i would usually try to say things as kindly as possible, today i'm nto even bothering. you're a shithead.

This world is full of enough mother fuckers to bring other ppl down, and it's motherfuckers like you who turn others into selfish, hearltless and defensive people, instead of encouraging openess and trust. You like to talk constantly about how you are the sole person here who is the catalyst for people coming out of their shell and sharing informatin about themselves, but you are wrong, you are the reason people crawl back into their shithole lives, because just like u would step around a pile of dog shit, you make ppl want to avoid you, because you are cruel and this world is weighed down by enough cruely on the large scale, to have simple civilians like yourself knocking others down.

That is all i will say to you for present time, that is anywhere remotely personal.

2004-05-10, 14:50
u know maybe i wont mean any of this tomorrow, but right now i feel very angry and used by ppl and you are one of them. i wont edit waht i wrote, but right now, my faith in humans is quickly dying. You are not the reason harbynger.

2004-05-10, 17:22
That's a great post and I am proud of you Dollar_Girl. I am glad that you are freeing yourself of the disarming and enslaving guilt and lies and the facade of kindness that people display towards you in order exploit you. Anger is a good thing because it gives one courage. You've spoken the truth and that's the last thing the wicked and corrupt souls want to hear. They will deny it to the end.

Remember it doesn't make you cruel if you are not unconditionally kind to people. Instead you need to discriminate between those who are worthy or not of your kindness. Think of your kindness as something which is precious and to be given out to those worthy to receive it. Justice means giving people what they deserve, and it is unjust if you are kind to those who don't deserve it.

2004-05-10, 23:32
now this is either sarcasm at it's finest or absolute cluelessness. I hope for the former but strongly suspect the latter.
I wasn't sarcastic. I meant what I wrote seriously.

Dollar_Girl have you any right to be angry?
No one needs permission to be angry. That's why it is an empowering emotion. You need to be angry in order to have the will to break free from the lies and enslavement which is imposed upon you by others.

2004-05-11, 05:06
you have Tim
very much so
with trying to give her guilt
she has done nothing that i know of but u have bugged her
that would have been me blocking u if u had done it to me

lets just keep a little more to reality shall we?

2004-05-11, 05:18
im listening to....

last song: American Head Charge - All Wrapped Up
now: Brujeria - La Traicion
next: Nothingface - I Wish I Was A Communist (hahaha)
andthen: Such A Surge - Tropfen

2004-05-11, 09:33
do i look like a fucking Private I?

and u have really forgotten everything u have said here?

i remember there being a one sided relationship (no such thing though)
u tried to make her feel guilty that SHE was breaking it up or something and that it was her fault

why when she pretty much was saying that there never was, is or will be u continue to make out like there is?

u are in denial

and clone? sticking out of ur ass?
u should have figured out by now Tim that we are the opposite to identical twins
each on other ends of the spectrum
i say black u say white
i say man u say god

we cant always agree to disagree
though i try my hardest.......to disagree that is lol :p

i think u have a problem of letting go only that u were never holding on to anything but ur dick
correct me if im wrong please

with lots of happyness im sure

2004-05-18, 04:10
Pink Floyd - Aphex Twin - Born Slippy (Underworld remix).mp3 (http://www.p2pjihad.org/eclectica/Pink Floyd - Aphex Twin - Born Slippy (Underworld remix).mp3) (8,908,800 bytes)

2004-05-18, 07:11
i like Stahlhammers cover of - The wall
i dont really get into much other floyd

2004-05-18, 13:04
I like Pink Floyd's older stuff. My favorite album of theirs is Ummagumma, made in 1969. A few of their newer songs are good such as Signs of Life.

I recommend seeing the movie version of The Wall.

2004-05-18, 13:43
two of my favourite varieties of music are Native American songs and old traditional gypsy songs, because i love their use of instruments and there is something mystical about the imperfect tones in their voices when singing in european languages such as Romanian or Czech/Slovak.

2004-05-18, 14:48
$girl (hehe easy to type)
hell and i hear what ya sayin
i like some of those tibetan monks voices
they have some very very low tones coming out there and somtimes they go dualtone the best can rise and harmonise with themselves singing two notes at once (that continues to blow my mind lmao)
and people that go quarter tones
africa in some parts ive heard have many people that can do it
kind of the vocal extremes here
my vocals are.. well different
not crazy and not screaming
i like to take a tune and anti harmonise with it sometimes
i dont mean go nuts and sing shit i mean compete with it kind of
u gotta use ur voice how u like it
many people can sing but dont sing with a passion i find
BTW arabic and russian are very very good harmonising languages with good singers
that i know of so far
nite anyway

anyway a good song im listenin to is Rage Against The Machine - Bombtrack
very nice track
next - know your enemy

2004-05-18, 15:30
i like some of those tibetan monks voices
they have some very very low tones coming out there and somtimes they go dualtone the best can rise and harmonise with themselves singing two notes at once
I would like to hear a person sing two notes at once. I'm thinking that maybe they could sing with a sound that is rich in overtones, but to actually have two notes going at once would be hard. I wonder what interval the notes are from each other. If you find a recording or a sample I want to hear it, or tell me the filename or ED2K link so I can download it.

2004-05-18, 22:24
my first napster ban was due to an illegal monk chanting mp3 lol.

I will upload u a george tune and will find some gypsy tunes tim.

2004-05-19, 00:38
my first napster ban was due to an illegal monk chanting mp3 lol.

I will upload u a george tune and will find some gypsy tunes tim.

the gypsy kings are bad.

2004-05-19, 15:27
no way man, i love them, but they are not traditional.

2004-05-31, 12:32
listening to Brujeria - La Traicion
spanish singing fom mexico
kinda a bit between fear factory and sepultura but sometimes more brutal
up next is Pititis, Te Invoco
i suggest listening to stahlhammers version of the wall its kinds heavy and done very well
and sung well for austrians :p

2004-06-01, 06:25
i was showing u some of these guys tim

A Perfect Circle - Weak And The Powerless

Tilling my own grave to keep me level
Jam another dragon down the hole
Digging to the rhythm and the echo of a solitary siren
One that pushes me along and leaves me so
Desperate and ravenous
So weak and powerless
Over you

Someone feed the monkey while I dig in search of China
White as Dracula as I approach the bottom
Desperate and ravenous
So weak and powerless
Over you

Little angel, go away
Come again some other day
Devil has my ear today
I'll never hear a word you say
He promised I would find a little
Solace and some peace of mind
Whatever, just as long as I don't feel so
Desperate and ravenous
So weak and powerless

Desperate and ravenous
So weak and powerless
Over you
Over you

i though that was very beautifull

2004-06-01, 15:47
we have a long way to go my friend

2004-06-11, 17:51
I started off this morning listening to Carter Burwell's song Velvet Spacetime. He makes a lot of good stuff that I didn't sample too much of yet. He did the theme for the movie Blood Simple. His stuff reminds me of Vangelis, who did the themes to movies such as Chariots of Fire. I have here a piece of Vangelis from Blade Runner. The tune the saxophone plays in the song reminds me of the singing in the Annie Lennox song Something So Right.

:tune: Carter Burwell - Velvet Spacetime.mp3 (http://www.p2pjihad.org/eclectica/Carter Burwell - Velvet Spacetime.mp3) (4,001,792 bytes)
:tune: Vangelis - Blade Runner (love theme).mp3 (http://www.p2pjihad.org/eclectica/vangelis - blade runner soundtrack - love theme.mp3) (4,752,195 bytes)
:tune: Annie Lennox - Something So Right.mp3 (http://www.p2pjihad.org/eclectica/annie lennox - medusa - something so right.mp3) (4,720,849 bytes)

2004-06-12, 01:40
that only one person makes most of the posts?

2004-06-12, 12:29
the thing that ticks me off is ur repeated stupity
Posts: 5,401
Top spammer: tim (1557)
most posts?
i dont think u quite check much out
and it would matter why?
better than the few lame posts that u make

2004-06-18, 12:08
:tune: Janet Jackson - Come Back To Me.mp3 (http://www.p2pjihad.org/eclectica/Janet Jackson - Come Back To Me.mp3) (5,324,800 bytes)

This is one of those old songs that I hear occasionally but I didn't know who wrote it. I heard it on the radio yesterday and found out it was a Janet Jackson song from 1990. The lyrics are hard to hear and can be found here:

Notice how the song ends with the sound of thunder and rain. I think that is put in to express a stormy sad mood. I actually don't find thunderstorms to be sad but instead to represent exciting dynamic weather and the Summer. It seems that a few songs around this era had that thunderstorm sound effect added to it. Enigma's 1990 album MCMXC a. D. has such an effect added to the song Mea Culpa. Music from the same era tends to have many similarities which are more obvious years later.

2004-06-27, 08:38
The Adhan (http://www.islamonline.net/english/introducingislam/Worship/Prayers/article03.shtml) is the Muslim call for prayer that occurs five times a day. It is called for by the Muadhan, Muadhdhin, Mu'adhin, or Muezzin, depending on spelling. There's even a software program that you can install on your computer that will have the Adhan called for you, which can be downloaded here (http://muhaddith.org/prayer_times.html).

I remember being in Dakar in Senegal and hearing the Adhan at around 06:00 even before it got light there, because it got light very late there due to being so far west in the time zone. I would feel the cold sheets and the humidity and the sound of the ocean in the morning, making the place unusually cold for Africa. Then amidst the sound of the ocean I would hear the first Adhan of the day faintly, and occasionally a donkey and a carriage would go by on the street, indicating the city coming to life.

Listen to this song by Michael Manring, played on some kind of guitar. It sounds like the Adhan. The instrument sounds like a voice. I'm trying to download a sound recording of the real Adhan for comparison, but p2p is so queued up that I'll have to wait a few hours and present it in another post.

:tune: Michael Manring - Adhan.mp3 (http://www.p2pjihad.org/eclectica/Michael Manring - Adhan.mp3) (3,200,115 bytes)

2004-06-27, 18:21
:tune: Adhan from Mecca.mp3 (http://www.p2pjihad.org/eclectica/Azan from Makkah - Islam - Koran - Quran - Ilahi - Adhan - Ezan.mp3) (4,265,984 bytes)

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.
Allah is the Greatest, Allah is the Greatest.

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.
Allah is the Greatest, Allah is the Greatest.

Ash-hadu alla ilaha illa-llah.
I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship but Allah.

Ash-hadu alla ilaha illa-llah.
I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship but Allah.

Ash-hadu anna Muhammadar-Rasulullah.
I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

Ash-hadu anna Muhammadar-Rasulullah.
I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

Hayya Ďala-s-Salah, hayya Ďala-s-Salah.
Hasten to the Prayer, hasten to the Prayer.

Hayya Ďala-l-falah, hayya Ďala-l-falah.
Hasten to real success, hasten to real success.

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.
Allah is the Greatest, Allah is the Greatest.

La ilaha illa-llah.
There is none worthy of worship but Allah.

2004-06-28, 12:22
:tune: Yusuf Islam - Adhan.mp3 (http://www.p2pjihad.org/eclectica/Yusuf Islam - Call To Prayer (Adhan).mp3) (1,574,998 bytes)

This version of the Adhan has a wind sound mixed in with it. The Muadhan sings in a lower voice than the previous one from the post above. That prior one was like the Mariah Carey of muadhans.

I remember when I first heard the Muadhan singing at a mosque in Brooklyn, similar to the version in this post, and I liked how it sounded. They play it on speakers on top of the mosque and you could hear it for a far distance.

2004-06-28, 15:19
i went to the dissociatives concert last wednesday... it was good, despite Daniel johns (lead singer of silverchair) having the flu... he was out of this world i say.

I don't know if they are known in yankee land... but the dissociatives are composed of paul mac and daniel johns.

next month i am going to the kelis concert, it's a small gig in the valley, can't say i am a hardcore fan, coz i only know 2 of her songs.. her first one being the "i hate u so much right now" or whatever song and the second one being the milkshake song, but i'm still excited!

The worst concert i have been to by far, and the least interesting was evanesence... i didn't like them before the concert, and i still dont like them after the concert. It was a waste of 70 bucks! coz our seats were on the side of the stage... so we saw the back of the technical equipment and no evanesence anyway!

2004-06-29, 01:35
i thought they were ok but live? maybe a location problem
great song called lies
but anyway im listening to:
Schweisser - Napalm &
Schweisser - Wilkommen im Club
u know P2P is the only way of getting this stuff other that going for a plane trip out of this country?
and then it's not exactly in huge amounts then
when will they pick up the act or DIE THE FUCK OFF!!!!????!!!???

2004-06-29, 02:22
there are music stores that specialise in rare and imported music. In brisbane, one such store is called rocking horse.

2004-06-29, 02:30
There is only one music importer in Australia
go ask them at ur CD shop
u would only get this kind of thing if someone else bought it in Germany and sold it second hand here
i don't want that
so im going to have to wait :p
or id be lucky to get one CD!
some bands i listen to have like 10 CD's or more and there is nothing or less than two at most
its the true reason the music industry is failing
that and the price
but blame the system that allows and encourages them to do so

2004-08-10, 01:08
Im listening to (Yes ive posted these guys before but they really are beautifull if u can understand any or not)
Aria - Dibolical heat
Aria - Closed Circle
sucks i cannot give u guys samples of this stuff it is really different shows u the ways musik can fall

2004-08-10, 02:51
I'm familiar with Yes and their older stuff. What album is the material you are listening from? I bet you would like Tales from topographic oceans, because it is some kind of hippie concept album that tries to be spiritual. It is a double album with four twenty minute length songs.

2004-08-10, 06:20
sorry dude read again
but ive not heard of these guys so maybe u can enlighten me sometime

2004-08-10, 11:51
I thought you said you were listening to a group called Yes but I realize it was just a word you used now.

2004-08-10, 15:47
lol & more lol

2004-08-11, 03:25
i have been listening to tori amos and elvis.