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View Full Version : monitor display setting

2003-05-27, 06:17
I use 800 by 600.

2003-05-27, 06:46
The Fourth Contact (http://www.thefourthcontact.com/) is a new site that I discovered, run by member Udermind from MusicMagnet (http://www.musicmagnet.us/). The site administrator has a banner that is 900 by 150, which makes the page too wide for those who have display settings of 640 x 480 and 800 x 600. It is interesting to read his response here when I brought up the issue.

Personally I think a site should be made to be comfortable for 640 x 480 users, but that's just me since I'm into simplicity and I avoid the bells and whistles. It must be a hard choice for some to make when choosing between compatibility versus features.

2003-05-27, 16:01
I think the dude is a popus ass with the whole "the design would suffer as well as my vision" bullshit. WTF ever!:bluefish:

2004-01-09, 17:27
im at 1280 x 1024
so it wouldnt bother me
i think is its important to the layout of the site well go ahead but u dont really need a banner too big