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View Full Version : i have a jesus fetish

2004-03-02, 04:37
when i see those jesuses hanging on the wall in catholic places, i find that jesus looks scrawny and bony. he looks like a dead sqirrel on a cross, or a piece of shit splattered on the wall. i wonder why catholics have such a scatological fascination with the body of christ. i think it is for shock value. they gain street credibility by prominently displaying the dried piece of meat on the crucifix.

the body of christ is everywhere, and we consume his body in a cannibalistic ritual. the best way to worship christ is in the body and in the spirit. we satisfy the hungers of our body with food and sex, and we satisfy our soul with the love of the lord jesus christ. jesus needs to be fucked, eaten, and loved all at the same time. to do anything less, would mean that we would have an incomplete and unfulfilling relationship with jesus.

those scrawny jesuses on the wall get me horny and hungry. i long for the warm touch of jesus and to eat his flesh. i can't stop myself from resisting the urge to touch the groin area and stroke it. i rub my fingers up and down jesus's crotch and caress it. i only wish that i were there when he was being crucified, so i could pull his penis out from underneath the cloth, and play with it. you know at first the poor thing would be limp and shy due to all the pain that jesus was in. but just you wait; i would take it and run my tongue up and down the shaft, while stroking the lordly balls. and soon enough wouldn't you know it, but jesus would get an erection. in fact it would be the best god damned erection he would ever get in his chaste closeted homosexual life. the contrast with the pain would heighten the pleasure all the more so. you've probably heard of how people like to hang themselves in order to heighten their orgasms while masturbating. well the same principle applies to crucifixion.

sex is violent, and we treat others like a piece of raw meat, in order to fully enjoy it. we devour our lovers in a form of cannibalism, and orgasm is like a miniature death. as you know, jesus didn't just die one day on the cross, but in fact he dies daily whenever we sin. we can fully appreciate jesus by having a very physical, as well as spiritual relationship with him. if we are to masturbate while thinking of jesus, that is a holy act. i have a miniature jesus dildo which i like to insert into my ass while masturbating. it heightens the pleasure, and i usually ejaculate explosively all over genesis chapter 38, verses eight through ten.

i've always had a thing for manly, bearded men on motorcycles. jesus is a really hot macho guy. a holy erotic vision for me would be to see several naked jesuses riding on their harleys with their stiff erect pricks pointing forward, for i shall follow the path of jesus wherever he may leadeth me.

2004-03-02, 12:57
everything word of that was really really fucking stupid
i despise the church and i cant find the joke in that

the sad thing for u is that we can't tell if this is a joke or if u really are some sick freak

fuck off and grow a brain

2004-03-11, 03:14
you know, i've never actually visualised jesus with an erection before... until now.

Sometimes i wonder what a person would be like if they were living their life completely without sin, if possible. I also like to contrast what different people view as 'wrong'.

I had a friend in highschool... at her house, the word 'fart' was highly offensive and considered a 'bad' word. One had to use the word "bubble" instead - "karen did a bubble!".

The funny part was that while 'fart' was forbidden, the children were not punished for calling the mother a 'bitch' during argument.

If i said fart at home, it would be considered normal - if i ever called my mother a bitch, she would come at my head with a baseball bat.

I once made the mistake of calling my father a 'donkey' when i was younger... lets just say i never made the same mistake again.:beer:

2004-03-11, 18:29
i think words are just words... it all comes down to the sentiment behind those words...

i could explain more, but i can't be bothered, i have to go rat hunting =/

2004-03-11, 23:17
i think you are wrong in thinking that 'words are just words' ... because words you express, represent many things... even if the words are of no sentimental value... words still work to express ones self-control ... if you love someone, u can't spout millions of cruel words at someone even through they have no sentimental value... because that is lacking self-control or the understanding that it is not ok to spit nonsentimental cruelty at ppl u give ur heart to. WORDS even when not laiden with sentimental meaning still have MEANING of different sorts, still represent YOU and will be something you are remembered for. Good words, bad words... sentimental, nonsentimental... they still are the puzzle of ourselves :eatout:

2004-03-11, 23:47
words are just words
they are only there to help u express things
ever told someone u love them and they dont believe u?
actions are much more powerfull
and most people dont use the words they should be using and often get a different reaction than they expected or wanted
word are just words but they can be used very cleverly
love and beauty are harder to describe without going into metaphors and such
its a thing of the heart
in a lot of languages there is built in politeness and respect something english isnt very fond of
its a choice to be nice
make the right one :)

we had a game where if someone farted they had to say bubble before someone else said six fish - and they get punched six times if they dont
rather fun
i dont swear bad in front of my mother
but i swear my fucking head off around my father
then again so does he

u can use the same words just stressing different parts of the sentence to make different meanings

theres a difference saying to mate ''hey bitch'' and yelling it at someone u dont like
the words - by and in to for the a an for example make english very difficult for people to learn
even i have troubles lol most do till the day they die

2004-03-11, 23:57
u know i agree that actions are far better indicators of what is real, than words, but i still say words are powerful, no matter what their significance.

It is like the age ole story... a kid gets called fat and stupid all through school by ppl that dotn even know him... he grows up to be insecure and depressed... confronts his bullies one day and the people that taunted him dont have any recollection of who the kid is... but the kid remembers every inch of his tormentors faces... their tone of voice...

in a way, words are an ACTION, because choosing to express them is an action, choosing to yell nasty words everyday at someone you love, is a choice of action.

Dood i wont even tell u of the farting games that girls play :director:

2004-03-14, 00:47
i thought choosing was a decicion but when u real come to it voice is only vibrations - that not action? its fundamental
but yeah i know of some of the games u girls play
and u all complain at us
shame lol