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View Full Version : Lindows 4.5.280

2004-03-06, 18:52
(442,357,760 bytes)

To burn the iso file to a CD, you can use Alcohol 120%.

2004-03-07, 19:59
Nero can also burn iso images. I wasn't aware until now that it could do so. You go to File-->Burn Image

2004-03-21, 13:13
i use cdrwin for burning
alcohol for mounting shit to see if it works
no point wasting a disk

2004-03-21, 14:56
i dont think alcohol has any restriction though i dont use it for burning i may give it a go sometime
nero has always given me some little problems on different OS's
u gotta set up the virtual drive in alcohol to mount bin & iso etc files (usually done when first run)
just drag it in the main window and right click for the menu's
its easy to follow
cdrwin has always been good to me
just burns well
music cd's are good on it
though i see people posting problems about programs that i use with no problems
and dude i dont have any sides
i dont even side to myself
if there was a side we would all be on it
and that makes sides impossible
i hate and love everyone equally for what they do
hope u would do the same for me
we are all players in the game of life Tim

2004-03-24, 21:45
not a joke but a game
all games have rules
and some games are more exiting for some people than others
i find chess and golf to be rather boring
cricket now theres a great game to play (unfortunately my arms past breakages prevents me from doing so)
the thing about life is that the rules can be bent and broken
have a go its fun ;P

The Passion
2004-03-27, 11:55
alcohol is great for copying games, I mainly use alcohol for the virtual cd drive, so I can mount cd images on my drives and make then act like cd's, comes in handy with vcd/svcd watching, also comes in handy when making dvd backups and installing games from the internet :)