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View Full Version : what a waste

2004-03-07, 13:40
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-03-12, 23:44
I downloaded part of it, with some kind of interview showing president Kennedy, and I lost interest in it after watching the first couple of minutes.

2004-03-13, 00:03
i didn't know how to d/l it :coward: :beer: u all shuttup :beer:

2004-03-13, 05:49
words of wisdom incase u get into a situation where u r in a relationship wiht a woman... or a feminine man...

dont compare them to a big mac :P

2004-03-13, 13:14
actually its best not to compare women to anything
just put them above u dude
u will have em licking ur boots
confidence and a bit of kindness
and getting rought when it gets down to it ;)

lol feminine man
this dude walks past me and a mate when we are talking out the front almost everyday
ok now this guy wears chick pants
and the little belt
u know the ones that dont hold the pants up just for show
metro hair and his sisters bag and tight shirts
thats feminine

2004-03-13, 13:54
noone notices things that are different untill someone says something
now uve done it :P
the bizarro has only just begun lol

2004-03-13, 14:37
if a woman cant accept u for who u are then she never will
but u can change for someone but is that being true to urself
i think if a girl leaves u for someone better than u u must need to work on urself if he is worse than u are than maybe u are too good for her
but the one thing that hurts most is rejection
but relating women to big meat products can proove to be the most painfull of all

2004-03-14, 00:53
but see the reason u love big macs is it the taste and its big and meaty and cheesy?
i dont think girls like those kind of metaphors and similies
'as beautiful and sweet as a red rose in the dawn dew'
or something dude
u gotta be a little romantic ya see
why do ya think "Do ya wanna fuck"? only works on sluts
real chicks want a lot more

when u wanna get rid of em ya say u love em like family and they get stroppy to the shithouse
watch dude u will see ;)

2004-03-14, 10:34
geez harb, a FEW mig macs? :coward:

Truth is our knowledgable buddy is right... women like to be sweet talked, but i disagree that only a 'slut' will find "lets fuck" acceptable... i think "whore" and "slut" are really REALLY lousy labels on women... and i think they get thrown around far too easily. I dislike being called a "bitch" by a man because i feel it is such a common term purely existing to degrade a woman... it's so common that it's disgusting and truely pathetic. A man calling a woman a 'bitch' is the intellectual equivalent of handing in "twinkle twinkle little star" to your advanced poetry class and calling it your own creation. Whore and slut and SKANK are similiar to the 'bitch' comment... only exist to make a woman feel like sexual exploration, openess and willingness is wrong or 'dirty' ... if a man can say to a woman "hey lets fuck" then why can't a woman respond with "please yes, stick ur cock in my pussy" ?

truth is, women like to spread em, and men like to fuck em. big deal

2004-03-14, 14:36
whores fuck almost everyone
u gotta call em a slut if u have fucked em (for both M & F)
though most girls and if most guys (id hope) would only accept lets fuck if they saw a little something in them
not any girl could say that to me and i wouldnt expect all girls to accept it from me
ive got a mate who would do chick and i know girls who would do anyone (male and female lol)
but the girls cop a bit more shit over it
and whats with lesbians getting whistles and homosexuals getting yelled abuse
i think the whole thing is a little mixed up but i didnt write the rules
thought i dont think they would help
rules are make to be bent and broken

2004-03-15, 09:54
Originally posted by Criminal_Sniper
why do ya think "Do ya wanna fuck"? only works on sluts
real chicks want a lot more
A lot of guys are confused about this. I've heard some say that they want their woman to be a whore in bed but not in public. Which means, I guess that they don't want her to express her sexuality in public, but instead in private, in the bedroom. What it really comes down to is that they only accept their woman's sexuality when it is convenient for them. Personally I like a woman who can talk dirty and is not scared of sex. I do not want a cold fish that is concerned with being "proper".

Sexuality is part of a person's personality that can not be confined just to the bedroom. It is an energy that one can sense from the personality of a woman in all manners of life. Something that is a turnoff to me is a woman who is a fragile, quiet spoken woman, has no appetite, no sense of humor, and no playfulness. To me that suggests a lack of sexual energy as well.

Some guys like their women to be docile, asexual, and well-behaved, because they can't handle a real woman.

2004-03-15, 15:01
i know that if i have a girl and she goes around the street with her juices flowing all over the footpath then she is a dirty bitch
she would leave me for the next best thing right?
that is a slut
expressing sexuality is one thing
when they express it on ur best mate u feel like the world is ripped out from under you
if u E went down the street and fucked another woman do u think ur wife would shrug it off and say hes only expressing his sexuallity
the borderline is not small its definate and i believe in real relationship it shouldnt be crossed
a girl can talk but flirting is soooooo easy to pick out
its in the body action mostly
the talk shit usually aswell
if someone cheats while u are with them is that right?
fuck no id tell the bitch to get fucked (and have in the past)
i hate sluts both male and female and never get into game playing like so many like