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2004-03-07, 22:24
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-03-07, 22:58
"Free will" doesn't really exist, because everything has a cause and effect. While I sit making decisions about what to do in my life, the decisions I ultimately make are the only decisions I could ever make at that point in time and space.

There is no such thing as "randomness". What we call random, such as the outcome of a flipping of a coin, is really something that is beyond our means of prediction. But if we know enough information, then we should be able to predict the outcome of every coin toss, and be able to predict the weather forecast 1000 years from now. The future of the Universe should also be predictable.

Suppose a copy of the Universe were made with all the matter and history that this one has. And you set the two parallel universes independently on their way. Well they should continue to be indentical. Each of them would have the same future.

When we try not to be ourselves and play an acting game, we are still being ourselves.

2004-03-08, 03:05
Originally posted by wishful thinking
..."We have the power within ourselves to control how we react to things"

do we? no, absolutely not....as humans, we have no control over our emotions

2004-03-08, 06:05
Originally posted by wishful thinking
do u believe their should be LIMITs set in place on Personal Freedoms..and if so...and if such limits were placed..who is the appropriate authroity to place those limits? i strongly believe in our bill of rights and freedoms granted under the articles of our constitution.....having said that

yes, there might be times and situations where limits must & should be imposed...

however, not to the extent that those limits would impede either of the above grants

as to who should shoot the gun....there's only one body of people...our elected government

2004-03-21, 13:25
i think theres a common moral standard that everyone should have
barriers that should be pushed are usually not very strong ones and never get reached
people are too busy fighting over the small things in life
its the big things that usually throw out the small things
like in school for example the good one never gets noticed its always the bad who takes up the time