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View Full Version : I got rid of Eminem

2003-05-27, 07:09
I had four Eminem mp3s and noticed that most of the losers were uploading Eminem. By that I mean that their transfer speed was often .13 KB/s and they were sharing zero files. Have you noticed any patterns, in which certain types of music or artists attract the worse uploaders from you on p2p networks?

I deleted the four songs. I think I ought to send Eminem a letter, like the "Dear Stan" one, telling him that I refuse to share his mp3s, even for free, because too many of his fans are losers.

That ought to make him happier, knowing that I won't contribute to the piracy of his artistic talent.

2003-05-27, 15:58
I have had the same problem with having Em on my HD. :bluefish: