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2004-03-08, 01:07
No, not really, you sick bastard, I knew that would get your attention.

However, what the point of this is, I need an album...


that album to be exact.... you make it happen, and beejus will be greatful..

2004-03-08, 03:43
too late; i've already started masturbating

2004-03-08, 12:50
Originally posted by eclectica
too late; i've already started masturbating

It's not the people who use those smileys that scare me, rather it's the people who actually sit around and create them...:confused:

btw, the search for the album is over...I got it early in the morning (EST)

2004-03-13, 05:41
i really wanna see paris hilton naked. anybody seen her fuck tape?

2004-03-13, 12:40
nothing compared to Anna Nova and Krystal Steal
but they are both nothing to italian goddess Aria Giovani
Real sluts just how i like em lol

2004-03-17, 00:23
what is porn ? I'm yet to be 18 so I have no first-hand (no pun intended) knowledge of what it's like...but I hear good things

2004-03-17, 01:45
Originally posted by wishful thinking
ehrm...'porn' is or means it's a FOREIGN film beej..it has subtitles down at the bottom of the screen.

I was more into porn, and turned on by it more when I was 13 than when it was finally legal for me at age 18. I remember going to buy Playboy from a Chinese store as a minor, because that was the place that sold it to us.

2004-03-17, 03:20
Yes Tom, I was being saracastic :-P I've known about porn since I was like 2 when I stumbled across my father watching two lesbians going at it in the Playboy channel (god bless satellite t.v.)
and I'm glad you weren't ashamed of talking like that in front of me, because that would be an act of denial towards my manhood where I can have discussions about man things with fellow men.. even though I'm still a boy in many people's eyes and maybe even including your own...

as far as being a role model, well, outside of the forum, no, but on the inside, I do admire your ability to create discussion, whether it be pointless or not you still have talent to spark attention (although I don't always reply, doesn't mean I'm not reading) ;)

And E...about the whole 13 thing... it's a well known fact that as long as something is illegal or seen as wrong the more fun its going to be...because there is no greater thrill than doing something that could get you in trouble without getting caught...makes you feel like God...

However, it's ironic how you mention 13... I was talking to me friends earlier who are in Model State with me (what that is is kids all over the state *bout 350 of us total* go to the State House in Augusta and play model legislature for 3 days...we create bills and follow all parlimentary proceedures, it's fun) and their measure this year is to LEGALIZE the selling of pornographic materials to people at least 13 years of age... (however theres some twist that says people under 18 can only have what I'm going to call, "softcore" porn..)...

they claim this will help reduce social problems by troubled teens because they will have an easier access to release any sexual frustration and apparently sexual frustration is a cause of a lot of violent crimes, so their hopes are to reduce crime by legalizing porn to a younger audience........

and for all those wondering, no, they don't really think it will work, they just want to see people's reactions in Augusta, and our Governor, Baladacci, actually reads all the bills that people submit and gives us pointers throughout the 3 day stay (as does other represenatives throughout the state).... yeah, they enjoy attention:cool:

2004-03-17, 04:33
i dont think its a matter of legality
murder is legal is it done is mass numbers because of this?
no it just so happens that most of the good things (that arent governement controlled) are illegal
and definately illegal to people under a certain age
people shouldnt drink under 18 it only because the body is not ready for it
but porn?
12 13 is the best time for it
u would be all blown out and ready for the real shit in a few years

2004-03-19, 02:09
Originally posted by wishful thinking
beej i always seem to find myself enjoying whatever it is you write here for some reason..i thought a lot of GOOD THINGS about you..for instance:
1)you are honest
2)you put others at ease when they are in ur presense
3)you have a great personality
4)you are funny
5)you are witty
6)if you were I'll_do_it_for_a_dollar i'd fuck you (lol)

but seriously though those are just a few of the things i've thought about u while reading ur posts...it may not be quite the way i would have worded it..i didn't write these things as they occurred to me..only much later..and with just a wee bit of reservations...of pondering if these things should be said...don't wanna make u uncomfortable..
the bottom line in all of the above is this:

If i had a son..i'd like him to be like you. If I had a son like you i'd be very proud of him and I am proud of u beej for having the courage to just be you..and that my friend is something special indeed

and if anyone ever tries to quote me on this or ask me about it i will deny all knowledge of ever saying these things...lol

have a goodnight.i'm heading to bed..i enjoy all of my friends here..and really love that we all feel like we belong here.


That is probably the most flattering thing a person who has never met me has said....many thanks to you... I will hold that to heart...:D and hopefully I can keep on keeping you entertained...

and I just realized that you did the 1.) 2.) 3.) thing as I did in the reply to your post in the General Discussion...ironic :-P