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View Full Version : My Dog Died Today...

2004-03-12, 02:41
Many people don't think that pets are that big of a deal, or that they are as valuable as a person, but that's not the case with me. I've had several pets in my lifetime and I'm only 17. From fish, to birds, to cats, and to my dogs. I've always loved having a pet animal because of their loyalty and affection.

She passed away while I was at school and my parents were at work. We found her laying on her favorite chair in the house and my other dog was hovering over her making whinning sounds...and that's when I knew something was wrong...and surely enough...

We have had her since I was 9 years old and now I'm 17... That's a long time of having someone love you and run to you when you get home from school...lay in bed with you and fall asleep... even though it's "just a pet" but this was my pet... and now she's gone...

RIP Sassy... (a retired show dog.... a golden cocker-spaniel)

2004-03-12, 03:42
i know exactly what you're feeling dude....kel & i had a boston, rascal live with us for 17 years....he moved on in 1992 and we still grieve today....we loved him more than anything

you're right, some ppl don't understand dog lovers and a dogs just a dog, something to bark outside when someone arrives and you toss your leftovers too....but they are so much more than that....they live for us, they worship us, they'd die for us...

they are the little heros in life and should be treated as such

it took us ten years to come around after losing rascal but we now have 2 more bostons and 4 other mix'd that sleep with us each and every night

i wouldn't have it any other way

bless your little girl beej.....bless her soul

2004-03-12, 05:23
i once had to give away a dog... i was about 7 and we were moving to another state... when i saw the car driving away i cried so hard becuase my 7 year old heart was breaking... savagely TEARING in half... the owner told me "call me any time to see how the dog is doing" ...

I called the next day... was so nervous... and he said to me "nows not a good time i'm having a party" and he slamed the phoen down - and i never called again.

We have 2 german shepards now... and they are prescious because it takes only your attention to make them go wild with excitment. FOr some strange reason i like to give my pets well.. 'pet' nicknames after everyday objects... the female dog is my little "bean" and the male dog is my 'sexy little capsicum' lol...

anyway ... i like to make them happy, because in doing so, i imagine i am letting them know that i love them and that THEY make me happy too

Sorry bout ur dog beej... but it is peaceful that she died in her fav chair doing what a dog loves to do

2004-03-13, 12:45
its ok to cry for loved ones
i even did when my dog of 12 years died
(im sort who dosent like to - or wont - i had my right hand almost ripped off in a tracktor crash and kept a straight face)
my family and pets are above all else
hope ya get over it

2004-03-16, 08:12
my budgie (bird) has a big tumour growing on one side of his face... i dont know if i should put him down or what... he has been my darling birdie for nearly 10 years. Over the years i have accidentally left his cage open numerous times and he never left me, but his g/fs always flew away and then i felt really bad coz i'm sure it broke his heart. Anyway, him being so old now, i put in a nice young budgie... coz i thought, hey, what man doesn't like a bit of perky arse, and since i put her there his health has declined. She has red eyes and i think she is evil, but hey, i dont have any evidence so what can u do.:axeman:

2004-03-16, 09:57
Maybe the bird is gay and is looking for male companionship

2004-03-16, 10:11
i dont know... maybe. Maybe i should get rid of the evil one and put in a nice middle aged man in there for him? maybe a budgie who is 4-5 years old? hmmm :beer:

2004-03-16, 15:41
i hope for the day when i have a huge thing growing on my head that i can at least shoot myself
and watch out for that bird (the evil one)

2004-03-20, 13:17
you i hope i dont?
shit i really hope i dont!!!

2004-03-20, 15:29
It might not be such a bad thing to have a penis growing upon your forehead. At least you would have an excuse for it to be out at all times and ready to go. It would be easier to get quick, casual sex too.

The beast was meant to be roaming freely in the wild rather than be locked away in the cage of one's pants.

2004-03-28, 17:08
when the beast is asleep it fine but when it awakens i would look stupid with it sticking right out of my forehead :)
i wouldnt mind steel sacks thats all
the current setup is fairly vunerable :P
imagine getting head butted being a dickhead

2004-04-05, 20:49
I never had pets when I was a kid and always wanted one. I used to play with the neighbor's dog in suburban Maryland. I like dogs better than cats, though I realize from a practical perspective that cats are easier to care for and maintain.

I don't want a dog because of the care required. It seems that one would have to live in a rural area in order for there to be enough space. I don't like the idea of a dog living in the house, but would prefer it living in something like a garage, which would have to be heated in the Winter.

I find it strange that people in Manhattan have dogs. I think many of them see them as extensions of their egos or another piece of property to own. Maybe ownership of animals should be illegal in a city, though it would be an upopular law. It doesn't seem right that dogs can piss and shit everywhere but people get tickets for doing the same thing, and no public restrooms are available.

My wife used to have a German Shepherd dog when she was a teenage girl in Ivory Coast, and I can see that the memories of the dog affect her emotionally. She has a thing for German Shepherds because they remind her of her dog. There was one time when her dog "Boxy" had worms or maggots in the skin, and would only allow my wife to squeeze each one out. Her dog was in pain, and she only would allow my wife to go near her.

Dogs become a part of our lives, yet I've always felt that their participation in our lives is less than ideal and less rewarding when compared to having and raising children. To me my life would be close to meaningless if I died without children.

2004-04-06, 03:11
I never had pets

Dogs become a part of our lives, yet I've always felt that their participation in our lives is less than ideal and less rewarding when compared to having and raising children. it's sad for someone like me to hear that someone like you has missed all the love and joy that a dog gives.....

we had 6, all are like our children, no different than humans to us....last week we lost one, maybe our favored one....our hearts are broken and we'll grieve her loss till we die...

i read a poem recently about pets deaths, i don't remember any of the words but it made me smile even in the face of Chloe's death...

it said something to the effect that; why do we love something so much that's only here for such a short time...

although i couldn't answer in my head, my heart knew why....it went on to say that "we wouldn't have it any other way"

the 2 pets that i've lost in my lifetime were the worst thing that's ever happen'd to me emotionally....it is the hardest thing to recover from that i've ever experienced...

unless you've loved & had a dog love you, you'll never know the emotions felt for the lil critters