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View Full Version : Sno-Core Tour 2004

2004-03-13, 02:36
LIVE! Saturday, March 13th 2004 at the State Theater in Portland, Maine at 7:00 PM EST!!!

Finger Eleven
Smile Empty Soul

Click the link below to see the ticks...for all you "pics or shens" peeps on the board...

I have to write an article for the school paper about this concert so when I do that I'll post a FOLLOW-Up here...

Hopefully some cool shit will happen on this trip too like when I went to see Saliva last year... (for those who don't know what I'm talking about here's an example:

I got to meet the members of Saliva who did an extra hour of their show just because they liked us (it's on their website in the archive, I'll put it up later) *first off, that kicks ass all on its own)

and another is when going down the Interstate at like 75mph in my car, and my friend's car (we were driving side by side in the lanes) we decided to pass out Pepsi's too eachother...and we successfully did so at that speed...then another person randomly pulls up onside of us and asks for a pepsi and we yet again deliver once more..

Anywho, I'm about 4hrs away from where we gotta get, so we're gonna make an all day thing of it (we as in Dave, Sam, Murry, Mal and myself ...Mal, the only chick, is thankfully with me, muahaha)

Anywho, like I said, I'll post a follow up later on....for now, post your Concert memories and all that HERE....I'll read them when I get back....

2004-03-13, 03:38
I remember reading about that last year, when you made that long drive to see the concert. I thought it was depressing to have to drive four hours just to see a concert.

I visited Portland once in the Summer of 2000.

2004-03-13, 13:58
i like trapt and saliva
cool bands
im in aussie land not much gets here
but its huge when it does :)