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2004-03-13, 14:20
hey all
i think u are a bunch of great smart people so maybe u can help me
im creating an information archive of lots of things for example:
world history, art, music, philosophy, science, conspiracy, satelite photos, etc...
and all sorts of other things

now im looking for an archive out there somewhere (most likely a number of them) to help me out or get started on more
(also id like to learn a lot more)
its already got 1.24 Gig of stuff with almost 2000 files so far and i want to expand it and throw it on removable hard drives and one day get it organised into either a big archive online and/or books to publish
ive figured out a lot of great things on the net and hope to fond out more
some south american history would be great
i love russian history but dont think i know enough yet
and war history bring it on
many thanks to anyone that can help me
in time i maybe be able to help u all (i fucking hope so!!)

2004-03-13, 14:36
you know that sounds like a great idea. SOunds complicated tho :coward: i once had to do like a little data base in my Information processing class in high school and i found it to be so scary :coward: and all i did was make a search adn info data base on 10 diff plants :D :coward: Then there is you with ur mega gigantic giga archive :coward: :coward: :coward:

anyway, i dont understand what it is you're looking for... just info we know? or u want us to give u like stuff from books? how do u know if everything in the archive is correct? *confused*

2004-03-13, 14:41
it scares me too dont worry

im looking for links around the net
many different source and different opinions
if its wrong somewhere ill figure it out
im the sorter here ;)
there will be a rather exausting process
(reading, confirming, cross referencing, and sorting)

2004-03-13, 15:05
i will probably die doing this
i know it
and my room smells like fermenting vodka - beautiful

2004-03-14, 00:43
i only use compliments when they are needed
as ive said im very ciritical
but u bunch are ok ;)

dont ask dude
eventually u wont need to

2004-03-14, 01:02
email me,

I'd galdly help.


2004-03-14, 01:19
knowledge is one of my greatest passions
greater than life itself perhaps
no disrespect taken at all man i know what ya mean

2004-03-14, 04:12
you can ask me anything and i am willing, if possible, to answer it

2004-03-14, 06:59

2004-03-15, 01:14
thats ones ok E thanx
hey harb..there no possibllty of monopolising the truth
truth is truth
knowledge could be monopolised in some way
but i dont like all subjects - how can i monopolise if i wanted to
doing things i dont like to do is not what i want
and they will be from reliable sources and cross references as i said before
u still believe this to be a monopoly?
if so check the dictionary man and look at the monopolies u know
plus i would never say u cant use the information or lend it to a friend
even in the case of say me making a book set
are there no others?
i know a few more enclyclopedias
i want to make more detailed ones of certain subjects
see where im comin from now dude?

2004-03-15, 15:16
dont worry dude maybe its to balance out the credit i need to show u more of
u are a great guy
keep up the good stuff
and keep testing me
i dont mind ;)
i quite enjoy a challenge

2004-03-17, 04:52
if u need another to show u how good u are then u may as well give up on self-confidence
thats why they call it SELF-CONFIDENCE
if u cant do it who will?
if u dont love urself who will?

2004-03-17, 05:31
now come on ya nasty bastard :p
dont sit back making relationships
the real ones will come to u
that way there is no dissapointment

2004-03-20, 13:04
sometimes the best things in life arent expected
i met the girl of my dreams just by falling asleep on the train and ending up in taree
got off the train and bumped into a girl
we dropped all our stuff and she ended up missing her train
we got talking and i found out she lived like a few streets down from me and we got things moving really quick
its no more but not sure if i feel comfortable going into it right now
its pretty difficult for me
everything is it for a reason or is it because u live the way u are and end up in good or bad positions at the right and wrong times?

2004-03-20, 18:48
thats my belief
god couldnt have a plan and give us freewill
its like the government saying we have free speech lmao
that would rule out god based religions but not karma

2004-03-20, 21:26
i dont believe in a higher god
i dont see the need
i dont see how they could fit in
i believe in karma and fuck i see it hapening so often
why is it that they sometiumes blame things on the devil but ligtning stikes are blames on god so insurers have something else to get out of
it has been a political and economical powerhouse since it started
i believe in higher intelligence

2004-03-20, 21:50
the one thing is that most of the things in the bible have been explained and it contradicts it all (i said most)
science is not complete but the bible was never complete and never will be (unless the catholics get away with adding and removing for much more)
but i dont know if science will be
the bible is close to bablonian astronomy at the time which the universes center is earth and everything orbits around it
catch u guys (n girls) soon
getting a few hours shuteye

2004-03-21, 04:52
feelin damn good
even got some lovin ;)
now im drinking vodka again
whats new? :P

2004-03-21, 09:35
-the electromagnetic force
-the strong nuclear force
-the weak nuclear force


2004-03-21, 11:06
shit wow

2004-03-21, 11:07
and he is supposedly in control
lmao ;)

2004-04-26, 11:57
This site looks good:
Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page)

2004-04-26, 16:59
ive got most of that site downloaded on my harddrive
its good
very good

2004-04-26, 17:05
i filled up my HDD with this stuff so far
had to buy another one
except for 0.25G of music that is
damn its going quite well
ive got lots of things to read ive been very busy :p

2004-04-26, 19:52
You are a digital pack rat.

2004-04-26, 21:33
pack rat
though im not part of the pack ;)
im sitting behind watching to beome the leader

anyone know of a good ebook site
free ones online or edonkey links
i found one that tried to install a dialer or trojan
didnt bother downloading i knew what was going to happen lol

2004-04-26, 22:56
Check out this Slyck thread for ED2K verified hash sites:

2004-04-27, 09:54
seen it
but thanx :)

2004-04-29, 01:34
[QUOTE=Criminal_Sniper]hey all
i think u are a bunch of great smart people so maybe u can help me

Looks like u want others to do work for you for free.

I figure u got a fat ass and need to get off it and do your own work. That is the way u come off.

2004-05-01, 23:46
well once again u are completely wrong nicobie

ive never once asked people to actually do it (ive only asked for links to site which u may visit that i have not found)
in a number of places ive said it would be me doing it
if u read everything u might have a fucking chance of beating me in an argument which is all i see u trying to do

ive already stated that i will be doing it
every little bit and it has nothing to do with u anyway
if one day u look at it well i couldnt care less
im doing all the reading and creating pages putting it into some sort of order

im trying to learn and create something

u come off as someone who cannot rread or is too lazy to do so

once again dude FUCK OFF!