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View Full Version : i loved..

2004-03-15, 21:43
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-03-15, 23:35
why loved and not love ???:confused:

2004-03-15, 23:53
Dude that girl looks like Osama bin Laden. Maybe it's his sister or daughter?

2004-03-15, 23:57
check this out

2004-03-16, 00:10
he looks like such a happy-go-lucky guy

2004-03-16, 01:54
Maybe that picture that Harby posted is Osama, who was given a sex change to disguise himself. No wonder they haven't found him.
9 - :eeek: :eeek:

(But at least Harby did!) :mansex:

2004-03-16, 02:14
he's quite a handsome man without all that lousy facial hair. I find arab men to be very handsome, but they dont age well, nor do arab women. Black women are beautiful, and even when they are 50, they still look like they're 20 :coward:

2004-03-16, 03:20
Originally posted by eclectica

9 - :eeek: :eeek:

oh haha i just got that lol :beer: :drama:

2004-03-16, 08:07
what the hell do i use this smilie for : :soapbox:

2004-03-16, 08:10
use ur soap box to stand on and preach to ur adoring masses/minions/potential disciples.

2004-03-16, 08:17
what is the point re-registering all the time wiht a diff name?

i dont get it... soap box.... i dont know... an old wine crete would be cooler

2004-03-16, 08:24
it is traditionally used by brit politicians (maybe euro, dunno) to stand on and preach to potential voters... comes from the days before microphones etc.

2004-03-16, 09:02
i dont understand... why were the boxes for soap so large? who needs that much soap? :beer:

2004-03-16, 09:34
it's an industrial box of soap or something... use ur imagination :D

2004-05-13, 18:10

better hope the feds dont get sus thats all lol
nice pic Tim :D

2004-05-13, 22:58
Are you ready for p2p jihad?

You ought to kidnap Cary Sherman or Mitch Bainwol and reenact the Nicholas Berg killing. Then distribute it by way of p2p.

2004-07-03, 07:00

This is me imitating an arab with a towel around my head. This photo was taken at the local K-mart store's picture booth in my area sometime in October of 1997...and most closely resembles what I look like today only I try to keep the beard off nowadays. hope y'all enjoy the picture.

-Tim :)

I'll also put it up as an attachment so that it can be saved permanently.

your face is not symetrical. You look like one side of your face has droopier muscles than the other side of your face, causing the skin beneath the eyebrow bone on one side, to hang lower than the other side, creating the illusion of having one eye more open than the other because one eye is exposing more eyelid skin when in natural relaxed position.

Kate Moss is said to be perfectly beautiful because of her perfect symetry of her facial features.

2004-07-03, 15:08
i have the same problem. It is a bit annoying because when i do my liquid eye liner, even though the lines are the same on each eye, one eye looks like the eye liner is thicker because the skin beneath the browbone is hanging down slightly lower making the eye lid appear smaller. Many ppl have the same problem, but because the difference is so slight, it is barely noticable. I only noticed my non-symetry because of the time i spend staring at my eye lids in the mirror while i do my make-up.

Studies show that men are more drawn to women with perfectly symetrical features.

2004-07-03, 15:58
when i see that picture of you, i remember the song... humpty dumpty sat on a wall, humpty dumpty had a great fall... all the kings horses and all the kings men, couldn't put humpty together again.

2004-07-03, 16:05
it's a pretty fairy-tailish photograph... grown man in dorky clothing, with a towel on his head and funny blue sky and clouds in the back ground...

i think it reminds me of humpty dumpty mainly because of the clouds, the shape of your head, and ur clothes... because those are the clothes that humpty wore when he had his accident - he had the brace thingies on too.

2004-07-03, 16:14
Dude, you look like humpty dumpty, what do u want me to say? that i was lying just to be mean? I was just generating conversation because i was bored... then while browsing through this forum i came across your picture and made the observation that you bare a stricking resembelence to humpty.

2004-07-03, 16:17
you look like humpty, and ur g/f up there, as mentioned, looks like osama...

Osama and humpty sitting in a tree... TERR-OR-I-SING THE COUN-TRY...

*sigh* flash backs of nursery rhymes from 2nd grade.

2004-07-03, 16:26
For the record lill' man, u do look like humpty. You can't help your smiliarity to the egg character so many children grow up with... think of it as a new career choice... we have adults dressed as fairies... santa caluses, easter bunnies... clowns... you, for the first time in history, can be the human humpty dumpty. You dont even need padding!

and to answer your questions, yes, those are my feet, i know they're terrible feet, but to be honest dude... i'm thankful to have them. They have been good to me, they have never let me down, and i'm greatful they work as well as they do!


2004-07-03, 16:40
keep telling yourself that, and maybe, one day, when you feel superior and important, u'll upgrade from shitstain, to real boy!

star light... star bright... first star i see tonight...wish i may... wish i might...

2004-07-04, 00:37
die tttimmy, Die

2004-07-04, 01:54
hey humpty, if i was ashamed of my feet, i wouldn't have put them in my avatar. I'm proud of them, and i'm way too grateful to have them.

2004-07-04, 04:17
humpty, it had nothing to do with my feet. If i found my tootsies offensive or if i was sensitive about them, i would never have put them in my avatar.

If mentioning that u resemble humpty dumpty is enough for u to brand this a 'personal war', then i'm sorry my brother, but we dont see eye to eye.

You do look like humpty, and u can remove the pic of my feet, or blow it up 10 times bigger than u did, but the observation still remains... u look like a giant dopey egg. That matter won't go away.

You seem to think this is some sort of war... but dude, i'm just here having a laugh... mainly at you, but only because u give me cause to laugh so much.

You know, someone is bringing out shoes that immitate walking in the desert sand... they designed them based on tribal african peoples, who have imaculate posture due to their 'walking conditions'. how fantastic.

2004-07-04, 12:40
maybe u dont know this humpty, but you are quite hillarious indeed.

A comedian would be lame if they stood up on stage giggling at their own jokes, u r a comedian in ur own right lill' dude.

2004-07-04, 23:15
dude, i can still count the number of times we chatted, on one hand. And it wasn't "US" chatting, it was you... a gigantic monologue of fragmented sentences written by you. You'd be amazed at the things i did inbetween the time u started writting a sentence, and finished writting a sentence... cleaned the house, baked a cake, collected the mail, put the bins out... i'd leave when u would start writting a sentence, and come back when u were half way through or finished. Disadvantage of thsi is ofcourse, that i ahve to come back and read a fragmented monologue of yours, but then again, there were no surprises, coz i knew what style to expect from u. Much peace! but no love for u brotha!

2004-07-05, 04:12
people make stupid little charges against people that don't really prove or do anything constructive
like someone saying to a smoker who lights up a smoke half hour or so after another - Didn't u just smoke on of those?
Me - And who the fuck are you

listening to the moist beautiful song ive ever heard
A Perfect Circle - The Noose
except ive a feeling he is holding back

something i hate
mediocre man has never cut it here brother
past is past get over it and learn from it
present it to be completed - then put in the past
don't think of the future because u will forget the present and u will get a backlog

2004-07-05, 13:40
hey gorgeous, i'm not fat, but even if i weighed twice ur weight, i'd still be a better looking bitch than u. :spank: thanx for not surprising us all yet again, by proving, AGAIN, and AGAIN, and yet... again... that ur a moron.