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View Full Version : New P2P client that might be downloading from you soon

2003-05-28, 12:30
mlDonkey is starting to get popular and if you run a server like eclectica or just use 1 of many applications you'll be seeing this client in the future. It's been banned by emule before and since it's still semi-experimental it's reputation for leeching is well known. Maybe that's been solved already but it's hard to tell.



2003-05-28, 13:51

MLdonkey is a multi-platform multi-networks peer-to-peer client. Originally, it was the first open-source client to access the eDonkey network . The protocol was reverse-engeneered using an efficient protocol sniffer, Pandora .

Currently, with eDonkey , it supports several large networks, such as Overnet , Bittorrent , Gnutella (Bearshare, Limewire,etc), Gnutella2 (Shareaza), Fasttrack (Kazaa, Imesh, Grobster), Soulseek (beta), Direct-Connect (alpha), and Opennap (alpha). Networks can be enabled/disabled, searches are performed in parallel on all enabled networks, but each file is only downloaded from one network (wait for next release !), but from multiple clients concurrently.
It sounds like leeching would be a problem because a person would be sharing on several networks and have long queues.

2003-05-28, 14:28
The OpenNap server has little control versus the SlavaNap server, which is more popular. I don't know how many types of a client are connecting, except by doing a random sampling of the users. The only ones I have an idea of are the xnap users, because their client automatically creates and has them join a chat room when they connect. Most of the clients are reporting WinMX 3.31.

Some clients have advantages in getting into a full server. My OpenNap server with 200 members is small and publicly listed on the Napigator servers page (http://www.napigator.com/servers/), thus meaning it would take hours to get in. WinMX 3.31 tries to connect every three minutes, while 2.6 used to connect every 30 seconds. I've set in the server options that a client can not attempt to connect faster than every 5 seconds.

Often there are different levels of compatibility problems with other clients even when they are sharing, even in good faith. The big difficulty is getting them to enter a person's queue.