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2004-03-18, 22:34
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-03-19, 02:05
1.) You don't hate me (your avatar message)

2.) Holy damn, you changed your avatar.....AGAIN

3.) I'm gonna be honest...I did not read the post... yet

4.) It's kinda weird how you mentioned "eerie" and started up a poetry thread... because today in English class we were discussing Edgar A. Poe (A for Allan, as in the last name of his---asshole father---who adopted him, just to neglect him)...and how the best word to describe him is "eerie" ...others argued "disturbed" which he was...I mean, when everyone you love (whether it be your 13 year old cousin that you marry when you're 26 or your very own mother(s)) to consumption, it's kinda hard to stay sane and function as a "normal" being...

5.) I have no idea why I listed 1...2...3..etc, it's rather ghey, but I did it anyway....and I promise you Tom, I will read the post later (when I'm not so tired from slaving for 4 hours at the local---non-friendly---McDonalds)....

2004-03-19, 03:02
Who's "Tom"?

2004-03-19, 03:06
Edgar Poe

When I first read his stuff, I was surprised to learn later that he was American, because I imagined his stories taking place somewhere in Europe.

2004-03-19, 03:13
Originally posted by wishful thinking
i'm open to hearing whatever anyone has to say (except one person, katarina)
You may find that silence is more deafening than noise.

2004-03-19, 03:33
Just a quicky reply to Tim...my apologies for calling you Tom, I was talking to my friend Tom on Yahoo Messenger...and I somehow managed to biff it....

I'm gonna get to the rest of the post in the morning...take care all

2004-03-19, 05:05
Originally posted by wishful thinking
i should be able to understand what you mean by that (tom) but i don't... i believe you do understand.....

2004-03-19, 17:29
By singling out Dollar_Girl to be ignored, you are actually paying much attention to her.