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View Full Version : What's in a name?

2004-03-19, 02:59
That which we call a "rose", by any other name, would smell as sweet.

Do you feel that when you call people by their first names rather than their last names or their online names, that you have a closer relationship with them? When I was in the Army we referred to everybody by their last names. I didn't feel that it kept a distance or made people less friendly to each other.

On this forum I choose to call people by their online names. I do not think feel the need to call them by their birth names. What would that change? A lot of the people are my friends here, and I continue to call them by their online names.

Calling people by their first names or birth names doesn't make you a better friend to them, or mean you have a closer relationship with them.

2004-03-19, 17:18
Harby, if you want your username changed to "Tim", let me know.

2004-03-19, 18:17
Did you hear the story about the guy who couldn't get a license plate with his own name on it, so he changed his legal name to AXV 447?

2004-03-19, 18:20
How about a name like

2004-03-19, 19:01
Originally posted by tim
now that's the kind of humour i like and can appreciate...kind humour..or 'unmean humour' that doesn't poke fun at or make fun of others.
But it is making fun of people who have strange unconventional names, like parents who named their children Hal9000 Cumstain for example. They might not find this to be so funny, and their feelings may get hurt by reading it.

2004-03-20, 00:30
my darling children, i will not burden u with my crap replies this morning for i just got off a 12 hour shift which ended past midnight, now i am up and ready to go to work again ... be home at 2am zzzzzzz z z z z zzzzzzzzzzzzzz half asleep. day off on sunday, u will hear from me then:beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: only thing that keeps me going is making myself free cocktails:beer: :coward:

2004-03-20, 01:53
Quick History of My Name

My real name is Burton Elliott Wilcox Jr.
I am named after my father whose name is the same (once you exchange the Jr. for Sr.). As a child to make my name easier for me, and others to say, they just simply went with B.J. (yeah, that worked well until I hit high school, and you can all use your imagination on that one). I even asked my dad why he decided to name me B.J. and he said "...because..that's what you started out as". And I said, "well thanks asshole". (This was not a serious conversation with my father btw).

Anywho, throughout my life I've had several nicknames, most of them given by my family. For example: My mother used to call me "Brother" because I was the reason why my older brother (the first born) became a brother. 2nd example, my aunt use to call me: B.J. Bomber-Boy (I've yet to figure that one out). Then Beej (which is typical for people with a ?.J name, such as D.J., they get called Deej *it could be spelt Deege but I don't know*. So going from Beej, my friend, Bragita, called me Beejus because I'm the kind of person who likes to help people and get nothing in return (like "Jesus").

My Preference of Name

I prefer my friends called me: Beej or Beejus. It's laid back, it's friendly, it's sorta cool, and because all my friends already call me either one.

When my parents are speaking to me I like B.J. (or if it's my mom, Brother) because that's what I grew up with, that's what I like. (I hate Burton because that usually means I'm in trouble....ah conditioning....psychology 101)

Girlfriends: I used to like it when they called me B.J., nothing else, because well, I really don't know. I guess because all my friends called me Beej (or Beejus) and I wanted them to stand out from them because they were my pride-n-joy... (however, I later stopped that, but my first ex-girlfriend calls me Beej only to piss me off because it was with her mainly that I preferred B.J.)

A Sense of Identity

Even though you are born without choice as to what your name will be, it's the only true thing outside of your body that is truely yours, and I figure you're given this one gift, you mine as well make the best of it. Be proud of who you are, and make your name something that people want to say/hear/think of/name their kids. What good is changing your name if people remember you as otherwise? Be who you are. As Tim put it, take off the masks.

What I Wanted To Be Named Instead of My Name


I don't know why, but I like those names

What I Want To Name My Daughter


(which is weird because my ex-girlfriend is Cali-Marie) but that name is so beautiful I get tingles everytime I hear it

Haven't thought of a boy's name....


Well, that about covers everything with names I guess...

Oh wait...I like using nicknames for people, unless they want their original names...because nicknames gives you a chance to keep your sense of identity but stretch it more... I dunno if that makes sense to anyone, but it does for me.

Tim, how long to you intend on using the alias Tim on this board?

2004-03-20, 04:47
John and Joan Cusack look way too much alike:confused:


re: the 'tim' alias...i really don't know..and unfortunately for me it's not really an alias ...it's me.

That's a horrible thing to say... there's many great things that can come from a guy named Tim.... just remember

Life ain't easy for a guy named Sue

And your name isn't Sue...so you got no problems..

Back to Cusack for a moment (I know, I have ADD):

I swear, the movie High Fidelity was made because of me... I have a lot in common with the character in that movie... the music collection, the failure with women, the relentless depression that causes me to explain myself....to myself ....it's a hillarious movie though...

Damn I'm tired...I think I should go to bed because I'm doubting that these posts are making much sense...it's 11:45PM EST...I've been awake since 6:15AM EST (after going to bed at 1:30 *stupid late night shows*)....I'm ready for bed...school + work + social leisure wore me out...

2004-03-20, 06:35
whatever ur name is i think someone can find a way to rip it off
in good or bad ways
beejus can ya do the water to wine thing???????/
that would be so cool!!!!!

2004-03-20, 12:17
u hurt more and more from wanting more and more
being urself is about all u really need
p.s who wouldnt fuck her?
dont get caught up on what ya say
they might not forgive u but forgive urself and learn not to do it again maybe
people are born to make mistakes
especially me (probably how we all feel :P)

2004-03-20, 12:42
the only things ive ever had to do with any of those is drugs
but hey ive got a choice right?
the air polution would kill me quicker than the rate i got at
slow and steady wins the race
i dont think ya can sit back forever
the only way to experience the best is to have experienced the worst
the only way u can judge good from bad is to have been through both
and there have been saints that have molested children so i dont know if u are safe being anything
even the best can let themselves be overcome by stupid things and bad situations
it all relevant to accepted ideals anyway
i have my moral standpoints which are lower sometimes and higher in other times
some people dont like pornography some love it
im kinda neutral
cant say ive ever had the intent to watch any but ive seen it and not cared one way or the other
we all LIVE my friend
it just how and why

2004-03-20, 13:09
maybe but i think it sums it up
how and why motivate
so the extent can be measured by the motive of why and how i think
if someone lives for nothing the extent will not be great
if u truely live for life the extent of ur knowledge, influence, and experience can be great

2004-03-20, 15:20
errr i am just replying to the topic here :beer:

i dont think calling someone by their first name proves a stronger or more intimate friendship... infact i think it is unnatural... look at couples... most of them have some sort of "honey pumpkin patch" type bullshit nickname and only ever use each others real names when in an argument ... "hi honey sweetie bear, love u" ... "you had sex with WHO TOMAS?!??!"

I also think that sometimes people try to fake a better relationship with someone else by using first or whole names... it feels forced instead of real... i call my mother "Mamka" and not ZUZANA.... i call my father "tatko" and not IMRICH... i call my best friend "dickhead" and NOT Tamara... etc...

2004-03-20, 15:22
My birth name is Thomas George Whitehouse Rogers, but you can call me eclectica. :P

I don't like the name my parents gave me. All the people in my family have names like that, with a proper British sound to them. The Thomas comes from my father's brother, who is named that. The George is named after some friend of my parents, and the Whitehouse is the original last name of my father's mother.

My daughter is named Saffronia Izuba and that is the type of name I will give to my children. The Saffronia we thought of after listening to a Nina Simone song (http://www.tatom.org/eclectica/Nina%20Simone%20-%20Four%20Women.mp3), while the Izuba comes from the Rwandan word for "sun". My wife is not Rwandan, but we had a Rwandan friend whose family was killed off and she had a list of some Rwandan words that we liked the sound of.

My name "eclectica" was chosen by my wife. I was looking for a name on the original Napster, and she suggested that, because of the eclectic nature of our mp3 collection.

2004-03-20, 16:33
my name dosent come from anything and i have no middle name
figure that one out!
at least u sound very proffesional when it comes to it ;)

2004-04-04, 19:09
hehehe coolbreeze
pretty funny :p