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View Full Version : Movie(s) You Saw Today

2004-03-22, 01:27
I'm starting this thread because I've spent the entire day watching movies...so I thought, since all I've done is watched movies, that's the only thing I have to talk about...

I watched:

The Animal
The Howling V
Fire In The Sky
The Jerk --- CLASSIC Steve Martin
American Pie 2

I had the mix of horror and humor... :tagteam:

I guess the appropriate thing to ask is: What movie(s) did you watch today?

2004-03-22, 02:39
The Animal wasn't a bad one...not the best comedy in the world, but it definately had some good parts to it... I guess you could call it a typical Rob Schneider movie...

I recommend you see The Jerk it was Steve Martin's first debut film being the lead role...it was when he was doing SNL too...his prime years of comedy...

The rest of the movies weren't that great...American Pie 2...cool if you're a teen :tu: but not something you can see over and over again... Fire in the Sky...use to scare me as a child so I figured I'd watch it again...this time it just bored me to sleep...

I'm thinking about hosting a Horror-Weekend....I did this before 3 other times when I was younger... It's where we dedicate the weekend to NOT sleeping, eating a lot of unhealthy pizza while drinking excessive amounts of soda (Jolt at the time, but that's not in stores around here anymore)...and watching corny horror movies... it made for good times...so I'm thinking...do it again..

2004-03-22, 04:00
When I went down to Boston back in Feb, I was with a friend who goes to Northeastern University...anywho, the point is...he's a college kid...however, he hadn't seen Animal House and I felt that being in college, a kid who parties, and hasn't seen Animal House is completely and utterly wrong...

so we went to a video store called Video Thunder, which is like a Blockbuster, just without the corporate name... (same selection of movies and set up) and we picked up the DVD of Animal House and we watched....we laughed...we cried...and most importantly, we learned how to be real partiers.. :tu:

I have the poster of the late John Belushi wearing the infamous "College" shirt with the look of "what in the hell is going on" expression on his face..


I recommend if you haven't seen that movie (you must of been living under a rock) to IMMEDIATELY go get it and watch it...

2004-03-22, 04:37
today i watched
1.dumb and dumberer
2.dumb and dumber(had to follow it up)
3.the bunker
4.head of state
5.the pianist (no not penist - im sure there has to be one though lol)

all great movies

1 2 & 4 were hilarious
5 is more dramatic has to be seen i enjoyed it
3 the bunker was kind of ok but they didnt go far enough i dont think
but still a good movie
my blockbuster sells pirated and real badly scratched cd's
go figure
they do what they like

2004-03-23, 00:52
i don't watch many films...

i saw bruce almighty tonite tho... it made me laugh, it made me smile... and i even cried at the sickeningly cheesy american all cheese ending where everyhting was happily ever after...

*sigh* sometimes life is 'nice'

2004-03-23, 01:18
i'm watching 'made' ... one of the best films i've seen. I love it... plus two fuck worthy men in every scene is a blessing.

I aint seen no white man swear in a movie as much as vaughn does in Made.

I watched pretty woman the other day... *sigh* and i went and saw the last sumarai a couple weeks back... i liked it...

2004-03-23, 04:44
hahaha brice almighty was awesome
i really liked it
even though the subject is something im against
at least it doesn't preach