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2004-03-22, 02:11
Here's one for you Super Moderators.
You'll find a link to it at the bottom of the page, labeled "Mod".

You can make announcements throughout the forum. You can look at a person's profile and edit the person's avatar or signature. You can do a search of IP addresses. It only searches the IP addresses of all posts and initial email account validations on the forum. It does not pick up on the IP addresses that members have logged in using without posting or when sending PMs. Partial IP searches work as well. For example, try doing a search for 67.101 or just 67. When a match for an IP address matches a guest, then it will display the ISP hostname rather than indicate "guest" for a match. To see what I mean, do an IP search for the address and you should get three matches: one guest and two users.

To resolve IP addresses and find out a user's ISP, check these sites and enter the information. If one of them doesn't give you detailed information, then try the other:
ARIN (http://www.arin.net/whois/) North America & miscellaneous others
RIPE (http://www.ripe.net/perl/whois) Europe
APNIC (http://www.apnic.net/search/) Asia & Australia
LACNIC (http://www.lacnic.net/en/) Central & South America
AfriNIC (http://www.afrinic.net/) Africa
I have also created a convenient way to do this at the bottom of the page at 3-3-3.org/p2p (http://www.3-3-3.org/p2p/).

When you look at Who's Online (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/online.php), you can see more details of the operating system and browser that a person is using by selecting "user agent: yes" and then "display". You can see the actual link that people are visiting (such as page 1 or page 2 of a thread) by putting your mouse over the question mark http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/images/misc/question_icon.gif that is displayed there on the page. I have set the automatic refreshment of that page to occur every 60 seconds.

As a Super Moderator there are extra features on the board that you will see which the other members don't see. All throughout the forum are boxes which can be checked off. Their existence is referred to as "Inline Moderation", because you don't have to log into the modcp, and because you can selectively check off multiple items and then on the bottom select the moderation effect which you would like to apply. Also you will see that under the drop-down menu of the Thread Tools, under Admin Tools, are your controls for the managing of forum threads. If you select to Edit Thread, you will then be able to observe on the bottom a Moderator Log of whatever moderating history exists for the particular thread, such as what other threads have been merged into it, whether it has had a thread title change, when it was opened and closed, what posts were edited, merged, or deleted by the staff, and if it was moved from one subforum to another. The Moderator Log you see there is directly tied to the Moderator Log of the Administrator's control panel, so that if the Administrator decides to prune the Moderator log entries in the Administrator control panel, you will no longer see those Moderator Log entries in a thread.

When you look at a person's profile it will show you the time of last activity of the person regardless of whether a person is "hidden" or not. If the member is not "hidden" then everybody can see such information. When you look at the Member List (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/memberlist.php) you will see a column there labeled "Last Visit". That gives you the true dates regardless of whether a person is hidden or not. If the person has chosen to have a "hidden" online status, then everybody else in the forum besides staff members will see for that member N/A, for Last Visit. When you look at a particular member's profile, you will also see under Forum Info a section for User Notes. Administrators and Super Moderators can view and add notes on a user in that part. Reputation and Infractions are disabled on this board though.

Super Moderators can "ban" users for selectable lengths of time. There are four "banned" usergroups to choose from when you choose to restrict someone. They are specifically referred to in vBulletin using the terminology "banned" to indicate that Super Moderators have the power to put them into that usergroup. For all other usergroups, only adminstrators can move users into them. Of the four "banned" usergroups, the only one which is really banned in the traditional usage of the word is the Frozen-Banned group. The other groups are just variations of the regular Registered usergroup with more restrictions.

When you "ban" a user, you are given a drop-down menu of choices for length of banning time, as well as the particular usergroup or type of banning to choose from. You can also put an optional banning reason, which will appear every time the user encounters a "no permission" http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/images/statusicon/wol_nopermission.gif message. The user will also see with that "no permission" message, the date that the ban will be lifted. The user who is banned will not know who did the actual banning, but staff members can see that information in the moderator control panel.

To see the actual settings and flavors of the banned usergroups on this board, please refer to this announcement which lists the banned usergroups and their specifications:

When you go to the home page (http://www.3-3-3.org/) of 3-3-3.org you will be shown some Quick Moderation links on the left side. In the event that certain users on the forum require pre-moderation / pre-validation of their posts, events on the calendar, or attachments; you will then see if there is anything waiting to be moderated indicated there. From there you can log into the modcp and it will present you with three options for the post: accept/validate, delete, and ignore. Validating puts the post in the forum, deleting eliminates the post, and ignoring it leaves it the way you found it with no changes, for someone else on the staff to review it or for you to decide later on what to do with it. You will not be able to see the IP address associated with the post until after it is accepted and sent into the forum. If you edit the contents of the user's post before validating it, there will not be any "last edited by" message on the post.

Posts which are awaiting moderation will also be indicated within their particular subforum by a small indicator http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/images/misc/moderated_small.gif displayed next to the thread. A post that is awaiting moderation will show up in its chronological order in a thread amongst the other regular posts, but will have a large indicator http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/images/misc/moderated.gif inside of it on the bottom right near the edit button, to indicate its unique pre-moderated status.

See the attachment for a picture of the modcp.

2004-07-08, 05:06
wow i had no idea. i've never actually logged into the moderator control pannel, i didn't know it existed. I feel so informed now, like my head is going to blow up :zap:

2006-06-15, 03:05
With the update to vBulletin 3.6, new features have been added, but not to the modcp. Moderation occurs by way of "inline moderation", with the check boxes and other features throughout the forum. And there is a new place to find all soft-deleted threads and posts as well as all threads and posts awaiting moderation. Oddly it is to be found in your own User CP (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/usercp.php). The designers at vBulletin are planning on getting rid of the moderator control panel and moving its features inline as well as the rest into your own usercp.

This only applies to slx and myself on this board now. Here is what we see in the usercp:

Deleted Threads
Deleted Posts
Moderated Threads
Moderated Posts

2006-06-16, 05:06