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View Full Version : can't log out

2004-03-23, 21:55
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-03-23, 22:23
I can't either in Internet Explorer. I have to look into this and figure out what the cause is.

I guess that means in the meantime the forum will be pretty quiet, until our respective twenty clones get to come out and play.

2004-03-23, 22:36
clear your cookies...yum

2004-03-23, 23:18
This calls for celebratory masturbation

First I went to the vBulletin forum and found a thread ([url=http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/showthread.php?t=91523) which had some file called mycookies.php, which you can play around with here (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/mycookies.php). I tried that and it still didn't fix the problem. Then I read some of the installation notes for the current portal hack (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/showthread.php?t=173), and it recommend changing the cookie domain in the forum admin control panel. That is found in vBulletin Options-->Cookies and HTTP Header Options-->Cookie Domain which I changed from it being blank to .3-3-3.org. That seemed to have fixed the logout problem and also the problem of not being to choose the Alternative style (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/showthread.php?t=40).

Did this logout problem happen only after I installed the portal hack, or has it been on the board since it was vB3?

2004-03-23, 23:29
I would like to point out that the mycookies.php (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/mycookies.php) now works properly, and if you check everything while logged in, then you will become logged out once you activate it. It even works for guests such as myself who have no balls to log in and register because of that scary fierce eclectica dude.

2004-03-24, 21:53
yes he is very frightening
:banana: :blowjob: :behead:
we must only :worship:

2004-04-23, 21:59
I noticed that if you have two or more browser windows open and you are logged into all of them, then when you log out of the first one, you get the error message:
An error occurred while attempting to log you out. Click here to log out.
But when you log out of the last browser window open that you are logged into, there is not a problem. It must create confusion to log out of one browser window while being logged into another, and give that message.