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View Full Version : I'm going to Miami for a week

2004-03-27, 10:06
My wife has conference events which her work sends her to a few times a year. This time around she is going to Miami in Florida, and I will be staying with her at the hotel there. Our daughter is also coming. The work pays for her hotel, so it is an opportunity for us to have a cheap vacation. Her brother is a flight attendant and we are able to get cheap airline tickets too. Last September I went to New Orleans because she had a work conference there. I've never been to Florida.

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

2004-03-27, 11:08
wowo have fun dude :)

2004-03-27, 18:04
just dont start with the big macs
and ive found u can get into trouble by doing nothing
when u do something u get in trouble so its easy to minimise efforts sometimes
whats so scary about miami?
get shot or something?