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View Full Version : awe, shit!

2004-03-28, 03:25
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-03-28, 11:12
mmmmmmmmm i just made mango prawns and they are yummy... so i eat as i type and i type as i eat...

u know i love the smell of an ice-rink... and seeing men and women in tight sequin clothes prouncing around on the ice makes me think of oral sex because of the whole cold temperature and sexy ice smell.

I once was watching the winter olympics and the woman doing her skating session in the competition fell and went smashing down on the ice and hit her chin and jaw really badly. I thought... fuck... i hope she didn't bite her tongue... OFF

2004-03-28, 16:55
ice reminds me of a girk going down on me after eating an iceblock.....cold
im not so sure about those tight suits they wear