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View Full Version : things we 'shouldn't say..but 'do' anyway

2004-03-30, 12:42
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-03-30, 12:53
you have been a great addition to the forum Criminal_Sniper, i enjoy your passion that has stayed lively and honest, since you first arrived.

2004-03-31, 08:53
thankyou very much for accepting me
i find that a lot of people like to ignore things and dont touch difficult subjects
u 'guys' do :p
u seem much smarter than me i know i have much to learn
like i dont think ill ever understand french dammit
or why people hang on to things so much
im as free as i can be
this place gives me some freedom
thanks everyone :)

2004-03-31, 09:02
:cheers: here's to you, here's to me :monksex:

2004-03-31, 10:55
u really enjoy those dont ya? :)

2004-03-31, 14:12
shit now its getting confusing
my good and evil come out at the same time
though good and bad moods influence that :devil: :angel:

2004-03-31, 16:12
i come and go often and quickly
i dont like to swell in one spot for one time
unless its a good book or a good root
you may be neither though u have my eyes and ears so to speak

2004-04-01, 05:22
man i have little shame
try ur hardest :p
things arent always as they seem to be
and often they seem to change but dont really

2004-04-01, 05:28
im always saying thing i shouldnt
but i do anyway
i dont care about others morals (well i do but ill let them express them after ive given my point)
what i mean is i dont not say something because someone might not like it