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View Full Version : you can silence me....but you cannot silence MY HEART

2004-03-31, 03:07
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-03-31, 06:52
Thanks to personal ads or the internet, people who don't know how to play the local social games needed in order to hook up with others, can now find alternative ways to meet other people. It gives them more chances to find the right person now matter how strange or shy they are. I see one of the biggest social impacts of the internet being that people can form communities based on common interests rather than common geography.

2004-04-01, 16:10
not having the local social life real eats away at ya
i dont see someone i know everyday i get tense
i cant stand being alone
except when i most want to be alone i get a squad of people coming over
life is just full of fucking bad timing and i swear its just trying to piss me off
i swear if there is a God he is just trying to piss me off
enough you stupid fuck let me go of ur trapping
maybe its just in my mind

2004-04-02, 04:26
nah just talkin general then cursin god
dont tell me ur GOD NOW!!!
argh no way

2004-04-02, 07:38
Dollar_girl is NOT the person I thought her to be..i don't wanna keep hurting her..i hope i've done enough to keep her away..and i mean that not as some ruse to hear her say that i can do nothing to 'push her away'.

I want the bitch gone..and for good meaning i don't want to hear from her again.
Just yesterday you said you want to marry her.

You are just a liar and not anybody's friend. You use what you call friendship with others as a tool and a stepping stone, or as a trophy and for prestige.

2004-04-02, 07:56
ur right dude u are haing a bad day
or maybe a worse day of many bad days?
i have lots of those
i try to keep my mind free from all pains
life is suffering
go suffer some more and think about it
without it we cant have happiness
its like good without evil