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View Full Version : Introduce Yourself

2004-04-01, 03:19
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-04-01, 05:03
well tim id hire ya
i know ur an oddbod like me
we always get more done but more imaginative aswell

Well im Crimian, I was born in München (Munich) though my parents had lived in Berlin but left (well u guys know about the state of the area)
I moved down under when I was only 5 almost 6
ive moved around aus about 25 different times
I go back there every year to either Deutschland and/or die Schweiz
i try to stay as long as possible
like when i stayed and went to amsterdam ;)
I like germany better though they are all beautifull countries
I want to learn all germanic branch languages (eventually all branches of the major languages)
and all computer programming languages
i was to move back to just below münchen near the swiss alps
but a nice car and live with some decency
the german people can handle change more
the funny thing is a have a small part scottish a small part croatian and a small part russian in me
im a bit mixed (but mostly german :) )
and id really like to go to russia
my other main interests are music and playing music
especially singing
ive sung since i can remember
i think im pretty good maybe i can give u a sample one day
maybe when im famous :p

2004-04-01, 09:53
well ive never been great at english (it was my worst subject)
so ive always hated poems and such
but i am trying to apprecciate more and more all the time
u can tell by my atrocious spelling :D keep smilin

2004-04-01, 10:27
all things end
life in death
mourning into happiness
day to night
i dont know man
hopefull we keep up good ties to each other :)
im always friendly just hate hate it when people try to bend the SIMPLE rules of logic
like god dosent follow them or something

2004-04-01, 10:47
i dont think this world will ever stop bitching
sorry i called u a basement dweller :(
everything becomes and changes
how can a god be unchanging?
life ends in death
but what is after that is something different not an extension of life but of death

2004-04-01, 14:26
lol cool
now hopefully we will get to know each other like i know the back of my hand
(looking at it ive got a sore i dont know i had pain sucks except when ur drunk ;) )