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2004-04-02, 19:31
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-04-03, 06:31
We often think of humans as cruel by choice and animals as cruel only by necessity or nature.

There is a type of innocence to animals in which we tend to excuse their cruelty because it is controlled by instinct and not by free will.

But animals are not compassionate either. We allow ourselves to believe that they are more noble because they are not willfully cruel.

Which do you find more appalling: cruelty caused by instinct, or cruelty caused by free choice?

When dogs bite people and are put to death afterwards, my wife says that they shouldn't be killed because they don't have free will and it's not their fault. And I say that that is the very reason they should be killed, because they will always be dangerous. So the same fact is used to promote opposite viewpoints between myself and my wife.

Which is more abominable: a person born evil, or a person who chooses to be evil?

2004-04-03, 08:33
is there anything wrong with dissassociating feelings from either ourselves or our posts does it affect the honesty...not using HEARTFELT but head thought words?
a tip:

Your first post in the thread started out pretty good, until you got to the last two paragraphs where it came back to Dollar_Girl. It would have been nice if you went on to conclusions that had a universal or philsophical appeal to them rather than coming back to your personal life.

You see, the tragedy of many of your posts is that they start off good, but then you bring the subject back to yourself. It's like your gravity is so strong, that all your ideas fail to boldly go where no man has gone before, and crash under the gravitational influence of your own ego and concerns.

While to you it may seem that the World you know with you as the center is the most important and honest subject to discuss, in reality you will only make it big if you are to try to steer your subjects to something even bigger than yourself.

If you have an idea then don't be afraid to let it outgrow, overwhelm, and outlast you. Otherwise your mission on this forum will be a failure. If there is no larger conclusion and common ground to be drawn from your ideas which could be written in stone, like the words of the ancients, then you might as well just crown yourself the feudal lord of Harby's ideas and happenings and enjoy the temporal fiefdom of your forum chat.

Try to see if you can avoid focusing on yourself and your acquaintances, and instead focus on bigger things that affect the human race and the World.

2004-04-03, 11:08
can u say you love me, tom without fear or dread of saying it?you want to be told what you want to hear, do you?

anyone can say the words....not everyone can feel the words

2004-04-03, 13:59
what do you feel, steve? SHOW me.it's only and always only about you dude....

life's too short to waste time with people that only care about themselves

i assume you're asking how i feel about you....i have none...no feelings about you harb....no emotions, i don't care about you

2004-04-03, 15:56
isnt the opposite of care an emotion?
i know my grandmother said i was angry and depressed (mostly just pissed off at her bullshit)
she said i was emotionless
i didnt get it
Tim noone has time to talk about u and u only
id leave if this was a Tim only forum
it would shit me to fucking tears i can tell ya
tears of blood man

2004-04-03, 20:29
if either of you say you don't care about me I KNOW you're deceiving yourselves because I sense it and see it DEMONSTRATED to me all the time..through the way you communicate with me

steve you call me selfish? i say upon revealed revelation from a 'forum friend' that my sharing of myself with you is a selfless act..however you would be more aptly put to call me self-centered and an egotistical prick...but no selfish..i'm far from that.dude...i go out of my way to always be friendly...even to those i detest. my occassional response to a thread or post doesn't represent my concern...it's just a black & white rebuttal to what's said

i didn't say you're selfish harb...i said all you talk about is yourself & have others talk about you...in other words...it's all about you dude....

i'd try not to confuse a man's benignity with his careing....you could crash & burn

2004-04-03, 23:10
Fighting seems to be common in human nature. It's as if the Earth isn't large enough, like the ducks in the pond. Mankind will achieve peace when there is another common enemy to replace our fellow man, such as a huge asteroid heading towards Earth. I will call it the "peace asteroid". Pray for Doomsday to come, for it will bring us World peace.

2004-04-14, 20:39
Charlton Heston is a bastard
Gun and Money hungry bastard
hope he really burns in hell if there is one

maybe people getting smarter is a reason for Gods decline not just in america but in a lot of the world
a lot still believe but many of them are doubtfull so they dont embrace it like to