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View Full Version : best p2p for Mac?

2004-04-03, 03:04
When Mac users are looking for a good p2p program, I recommend to them mlMac (http://www.abyssoft.com/software/mlmac/). mlMac is a GUI program that drives the MLdonkey (http://www.nongnu.org/mldonkey/) daemon. I don't own a Mac myself, so this recommendation I give is based on what I found searching around on the internet.

2004-04-04, 17:14
i rec bittorrent/suprnova to mac users.

most of them use limewire and don't get what this p2p thing is all about cuz they can't find anything. fucking mac users...

2004-04-04, 20:42
Limewire has spyware. I used to have a link to a site that listed all the p2p programs and whether they had spyware and adware or not, but I can not find the link.

2004-05-19, 09:40
Version 4 of LimeWire (http://www.limewire.com/) has been released and it claims to have "no bundled software of any kind". Hopefully this means for Mac users that they can use the program now without adware or spyware in it.

But I see that it is not guaranteed "no ads or nagware", meaning that it may not be bundled software but it is instead integrated in. They are selling a PRO version of it for $18.88. See the attachment.