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View Full Version : the all about me thread

2004-04-04, 03:52
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-04-04, 12:36
I just noticed on the calendar that it was your 35th birthday yesterday. Birthdays are displayed on the forum index page, but I don't scroll down that far because there's nothing for me of use on the bottom of the page.

Happy birthday

here's to you :jerkoff: here's to me :suicide:

2004-04-04, 12:39
I just noticed that today is Palm Sunday

That deserves another round

I'll shake it for the Lord

2004-04-04, 20:59
If you have ducks in your head check out this song:
Pink Floyd - Bike.mp3 (http://www.p2pjihad.org/eclectica/Pink Floyd - the piper at the gates of dawn - bike.mp3) (4,853,759 bytes)

I don't have your number anymore, tim, and I don't plan to call you if I did. You know when I flew down to Florida I was able to see the point when I passed over North Carolina, because it sticks out east into the path between New York and Miami, which is also the reason that hurricanes give your State such damage. So I went into the bathroom and flushed for you dude. Those chunks of blue ice raining down on you were my way of showing you how much I care for you.

2004-04-14, 20:19
hey maybe from what i was saying in the other thread
maybe excercise is what u need
for body and mind

damn every word i type has a spelling mistake today
im having to go back and check them all :p

2004-04-14, 21:04
cool man
my secret is to shrink ur stomach
dont set 3 big meals a day (and usually 2 or 3 little ones as was my case hehehe)
im 6'4'' and i was 89 kilos i thought i was getting a little heavy ive always been very trim
now im 73 kilo's just where id like to be
i eat only when i really need to
i eat smaller meals and dont stuff myself
that way my stomach agrees to shrink down to a more reasonable size
now i eat when im hungry and i dont eat too much
maybe at the most id eat is when stoned (not so often nowadays) is a big pizza to myself
on my 12th birthday i ate 4 large pizzas and desert
i eat as unhealty foods as i like and i dont put on a slightest bit