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View Full Version : Maximus CD Player

2004-04-04, 11:05
I noticed when playing CDs on the computer in Winamp, that it would create a gap or slight silence between each track. You would only notice it on a CD that had a smooth transition with music playing from one track to the next, as supposed to having silence between the tracks, as is more common on most CDs. As I recall the same thing used to happen when playing CDs using the Windows Media player as well.

I did a quick search for a free CD player for Windows, and found the CD Player Maximus (http://solair.eunet.yu/~muaddib/). The version 3.4 they have for download is now free, but they promise to offer a pay version in the future.

After installing the program, I played my CD using this program, and no longer heard the gaps between each CD track.